Each time I see a mass shooting unfold following the ‘Breaking News’ banner I am horrified. I am sickened by the ruthless nature of someone who is willing to kill those they barely know or complete strangers who have caused them no harm with a lustful glee.

It seems each time this happens we lose a little bit of our humanity.

Each time I see this in America my shoulders slump a little bit. It is demoralizing to see a fellow citizen murder without regard fellow citizens. This a sickness that has invaded our nation and in our darkest hour it is promoted through breathless reporting hour after hour on numerous TV news outlets, spread like the destructive virus it in online and thrown like garbage onto front pages that would be more suited to line a litter box than our front porches.

The worst part is; it’s your fault!

That is the bigger part of the message being broadcast far and wide by liberal leaning news outlets. You they say are the one with blood on your hands. The violent killers are just operating within the system you created, you voted for and you condone.

Today I scanned numerous headlines, articles and news programs that say there is little debate but that it is The President and you for electing him that are to blame.

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Whether you read Washington Post where Jennifer Rubin was giving dire warnings of the “blood and soil” nationalism that is rising in The United States and Europe or watched CNN to hear Julian Zelizer declare that the “real concern for the country should be the potential for violent domestic political extremism to flare among people who live here and who perceive themselves to have an ally in the White House”, the direct implication is clear; if you voted for or support The President these outrageous acts of violence are clearly your fault and his.

Because you believe in border security, lower taxes, getting rid of stifling regulations and an economy that can work for everyone- you are to blame whenever a nut case goes on a bloody rampage.

Of course it’s a bit different when the killer isn’t a fan of The President or worse derides him while screaming anti-Semitic slurs while killing those observing the Sabbath. When a twisted and evil individual does that- then it is your fault by extension. You see, just because of the rhetoric in the nation this blame falls to you again. It is “the atmosphere” that led to the outrage and the bloodshed. Once again you find yourself on the hook for it.

You are being held up for blame because that is about the only message left has.

Seriously, we all know the mad-wannabe-roid-rage-bomber is a career criminal who has tried such things before. This has nothing to do with you or The White House. The brutal attack on a Pennsylvania Synagogue was not the fault of The President and we know this of course but that is the narrative being put forth anyway from The New York Times to NBC News.

To actually believe this kind of wholesale garbage you must ignore history altogether.

Violence is nothing new in America and certainly political violence of all stripes is as old as the republic. Nearly 5,000 people were lynched in this nation between 1882 and 1968 according to the Tuskegee Institute. Over 3,400 of those murdered were black and 1,300 were white. Political violence and murder aimed at our fellow citizens has gone of a very long time.

During the Red Scare of 1919 and 1920 at least 36 powerful bombs were sent through the mail to addresses all over the country. One blew off the hands of a housekeeper for a United States Senator and severely injured his wife. Was that the fault of Woodrow Wilson? After all the Democrat President had worked efficiently to re-segregate the United States Government and the military. He was an open racist and supporter of the Ku Klux Klan and governed as such. This is something the left would have you forget. Did Wilson open the door to mail bombings? No, of course not.

In the late 1960’s and through the mid 1970’s The Weather Underground rooted in Communist ideology bombed dozens of targets in The United States including The US Capitol, the Pentagon, the California Attorney Generals office and a New York City police station according to the FBI. This radical violent movement was born during the Lyndon Johnson Administration but we don’t blame him for the mayhem. (The Weather Underground’s founder Bill Ayers however was a prominent figure in the origins of Barack Obama’s political career.)

When two deranged boys murdered classmates at Columbine High School or bombed the Murrah Federal Building we didn’t blame Bill Clinton and we didn’t blame Barack Obama for the devastating attacks at the Pulse Nightclub or in San Bernardino.

You see we have had violence erupt in this nation since we became a nation but we have for most of that time placed the blame where it belongs; with those that perpetrated the vulgar attacks. We didn’t blame those in office until more recently when it apparently became politically attractive to do so.

Political discourse in America is in the ditch right now and there is plenty of blame to go around for how we got here and why it continues. Blaming the President or those that voted for him for deadly attacks by violent and disturbed people doesn’t help anyone or put us on a path to stopping this sort of carnage.


The conversation starts with you- and you can continue to keep it in the ditch or you can try to elevate it. Now I can’t control what the other side does and I have some very strong convictions but I will do my level best to be patient and help these folks to understand history. I will also take time to explain that in America we blame criminals for the violent acts they commit and not other people just because we don’t like them.

Facts as John Adams famously opined are stubborn things. That is still true today no matter what the media may say.