According to police investigating a series of pipe bombs mailed to high profile Democrats, it was fairly clear from the beginning that the devices sent to Hillary Clintons home, the home of Barack and Michelle Obama, CNN and others were crude in creation and even less in delivery. The manila packages had 6 forever stamps on each and looked suspicious but that is where much of the information ends.

None of the bombs detonated and we don’t actually know if they were capable of exploding. The origin of the threatening packages is completely unknown to the public as I write this.

That has not slowed speculation or kept reporters and anchors from openly laying blame at the door of The White House and President Trump.

Jeff Zucker President of CNN targeted The White House for sharp criticism and says President Trump’s rhetoric is to blame for the attempted attacks. Joe Scarborough of MSNBC also targeted The President for a vitriolic assault on Twitter. This despite neither of these outspoken critics of Trump having any evidence whatsoever of where these suspected mail bombs came from.

It is not time to speculate. It is time to figure out who is behind these attempts at intimidation. It is time to gather facts and find the truth.

It is also time to stick to our American values and not working to score cheap political points when we simply do not know who was behind these packages that were intended to create a reaction. What reaction were they supposed to illicit? Well, again nobody knows because right now we don’t know who is behind this stunt.

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Let me tell you who isn’t responsible for pipe bombs or fake bombs being sent by US Mail to various people around the country, Donald Trump. For the record I didn’t send the packages either.

No matter what the truth is about the sender or senders this is an act of terror and that part of the plan worked as intended. It struck fear into the hearts of many but before the investigation had even gotten off the ground- fingers were being pointed recklessly with no facts or foundation to many allegations.

President Trump condemned the act and it was met immediately with ridicule and insult from Senator Minority Leader Chuck Schumer and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi. Many on CNN and NBC assessed blame against talk radio and Fox News without knowing any facts at all.

Some on the right immediately called into question the entire episode as a false flag operation. We have no proof of that either. Recently you may recall that Ricin was sent to the White House and other addresses targeting The President and other Republicans. This is happening on many sides.

The hypocrisy is at an elevated level.

Jim Fitzgerald one of the Unabomber investigators that brought him down says the idea of a false flag cannot be ruled out. A false flag is something done by someone who is actually trying to do harm to the Trump Presidency. He added that we cannot overlook the idea that a foreign government could be involved with this too.

All of these ideas must be set aside until we have a little thing I like to call facts.

Stop the guessing.

Stop the ugly comments and start acting like adults and Americans.