By now you are certainly aware that the left has decided that men by their very nature need not be heard when it comes to sexual assault. In matters that involve such crimes we must automatically believe the alleged victims regardless of supporting evidence, other information or mitigating facts. None of those things matter now that the #MeToo movement has been weaponized for use by one political party to assault another.

Democrats aren’t shy about telling men they don’t matter either. Hawaii Senator Mazie Hirono roared in front of cameras recently, “I just want to tell the men in this country to shut up and step up and do the right thing for a change.” Men’s voices are irrelevant to Hirono and her colleagues in the Democrat Party. How many of those Senators were on the record saying they believed Christine Blasey Ford’s allegations against US Federal Appeals Court Judge Brett Kavanaugh before they had ever even heard from her? How could they arrive at a conclusion before they had even heard from either party?

It is truly shocking how many people on TV, radio and television declared for all to hear that they too believed Ford. These are people that don’t know her, had never met her and at that time had never even heard her speak.

Men by their very existence are guilty of the allegations when it comes to sexual assault. That is the lesson from the left. What a chilling reality that is. Due process means nothing and the right to be heard means nothing if you’re a man accused of bad behavior toward a woman. Men are scum we are told and there isn’t any way around it. White men are even worse we’ve learned but I still have no idea what race has to do with any of this.

The problem for Democrats is the building blowback from- yes, men. It seems men don’t embrace this notion that they are guilty just by being accused.

You see the vast majority of men have never been involved in any kind of sexual harassment or sexual assault. The vast majority of men in America would never cross such a line. Yet, every year in this country, men are accused of such horrible things that are actually innocent. At least they used to be.

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In this environment however it is hard to fathom how men will ever be treated fairly. How would you feel if you were on the receiving end of allegations you knew were not true but that you had no way to disprove and you were told in effect that it was up to you to prove you didn’t do it?

This is the new standard operating procedure for the leftist social justice warriors trying to rectify centuries of misdeeds at the expense of all men today. We have all heard about the kangaroo courts on college campuses that consider an allegation to be the same as guilt. If you are accused the question is asked, “why would a woman who has everything to lose” make a false accusation? Well, I can contemplate a few answers to such a ludicrous question but it doesn’t matter and if you’re a man what you say doesn’t matter either to these people.

If you have testicles you are clearly guilty if they say you are. Anyone that would defend you is also a scoundrel, a low-life and a sexual predator.

There is one way to fight back against this injustice and the pending flood of potentially false allegations, vote. There isn’t any other rational solution.

It is amazing to conceive but the Democrats have actually gone and demonized an entire gender in favor of the other. I may be a bit obtuse but to me that seems like a really bad idea politically. After all Donald Trump, with all of his baggage still carried 52% of the vote in 2016. This kind of full frontal assault could make that figure larger for Republicans in the midterms. With that in mind Trump told reporters that it is a very dangerous time to be a young man in America. He’s right.

However the Democrats have gone way too far. Let me tell you why.

I overheard a couple conversations at the gym today and it seems the actual effect of this Democrat narrative it to completely alienate men. This includes men of all ages. Yes, even the oft left leaning millennial.

I heard two guys in their twenties saying “Can you believe that? You’re guilty no matter what?” Another discussion with men in their 60’s focused on how far back someone can go to nail someone to the wall. “What are they going to do- ask high school kids if I got drunk and did something stupid?” The safe bet is that just about all of us have done things that in hindsight would make us cringe. That is exactly why there is a statute of limitations- because at a certain point you can’t continue to dig things up hoping to hurt someone else. The only ones this is going to hurt more are Democrats at the polls.

Let me give you one more example.

Imagine you are a 40 something man working at General Motors Delhi plant outside of Lansing, Michigan. You are a 25-year member of the UAW and have supported Democrats most of your life. You even held your nose and voted for Hillary Clinton even though many of your buddies jumped ship for Trump. Now you are watching liberals like Senator Hirono telling you to shut up and at the same time realizing there isn’t one shred of evidence connecting Judge Kavanaugh to any inappropriate sexual behavior. You also have two sons that are in high school and you consider what such an attitude could mean for them. Your wife isn’t impressed either.

What are you going to do come November 6 th ? I have an inkling you are going to do the one thing that scares the hell out of liberals- you’re going to man up and vote- Republican, straight ticket. (Oh, yes I did)