There is a significant and unavoidable math problem when it comes to the so-called migrant caravan that is headed toward the United States border. The caravan is now said to have more than 5,000 people from Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala and Mexico walking north. The people spilled across the border into Mexico when authorities there claimed to be overwhelmed.

Currently they are just over 1,230 miles from reaching Laredo Texas. According to Google maps that is a walk that would take more than 400 hours to complete.

So how is it that they are expecting reach the U.S. border by Election Day or before? I mean even if these people with no shelter, food or water walked 16 hours a day- every day it would take them more than 25 days to reach Texas. Election Day is now only two weeks away.

You see a lot of things are just not adding up.

If the average person walks 3 miles per hour (and they do)- then walking 16 hours a day would get you 48 miles down the road. However, there are kids and families and chaos it looks like to me.

What’s also remarkable is this group began roughly 1,770 miles from the border. That was just a few days and a couple international borders ago. So they have already covered something like 540 miles. That by the way should have taken more than 11 days- if, and it’s a big if, if they were covering 48 miles a day. Somehow they have been able to travel remarkable distances with TV cameras everywhere and not one reporter has explained this incredible feat.

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Did I mention blisters and fatigue? Both would be big factors on such a journey.

I have done some extreme hiking and walking in my life. I was in pretty damn good shape when I did those things. Today walking 48 miles a day on good roads or trails with proper gear, fresh water and ample food would be an epic challenge for me. I have worn my feet raw on some of those trips. It is nearly impossible to cover any distance when your feet are torn up.

What about bathrooms? Are they able to bathe anywhere along the road?

We are expected to believe that this caravan of people 5,000 strong is covering epic distances and yet somehow all of those TV cameras and reporters have missed the buses, cars and trucks giving these people a ride.

The question is who is picking up the bill? You start figuring out the cost of fuel, food, shelter and all of the other things required to get these folks to the border and its substantial. The logistics is also a serious concern. I mean just coordinating a crowd that large to walk the right direction day after day would be challenging.

Let all of those facts sink in.

This is not random and this is not a coincidence that just a couple weeks out from the critical midterm elections this caravan of hope-to-be- illegal-aliens is on its way to the American border. I just wonder when we will be told the truth about who is behind it and if any network has the courage to tell us.

Stay tuned- more miracles are on the way I am quite sure.