I think President Trump should answer the demands of blathering Democrats and Progressives and ask the FBI to do an investigation into the uncorroborated allegations leveled by Christine Blasey Ford against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. In fact I strongly encourage him to do so and do it now!

Why, you may ask?

Well let me tell you. I believe it would be political genius on the part of The President and Republicans too. First of all it would neuter (for a short time anyway) the silly narrative that all Republicans are misogynist monsters and specifically The President. It would destroy the ubiquitous left-wing talking points about Republicans being the enemy of women. Democrats it appears to me are creating this whole confirmation storm for the sole purpose of creating that specific narrative for the mid-term elections.

That argument goes something like this: Republicans hate women because if they didn’t they would just believe Dr. Ford or at a minimum demand to hear from her before taking any other steps in the confirmation process. Republicans no matter how outrageous the idea that one person with an unproven allegation could derail the entire United States Constitution should just bow to the liberal demands.

Second it would destroy the ongoing campaign by The Democrats that The President isn’t allowed to tell the Department of Justice or the FBI how to do their jobs or get involved in any meaningful way. It’s of course not true but Democrats have been screaming that ever since Bob Mueller was appointed to investigate a fictional tale of Russian collusion by the Trump Campaign. Now they are demanding Trump tell the FBI to do the 7 th investigation into Judge Brett Kavanaugh.

The big payoff however is what do the Democrats do when the FBI completes that 7 th investigation and arrive at a conclusion that there is nothing that can be proven one way or the other on the more than 35 year old allegation.

Do you think President Trump is doing a good job?

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How exactly will the Democrats and their teammates in the media explain that the FBI found nothing to concern them?

It would put the left in the very difficult position of having to do one of just two things. One: accept Brett Kavanaugh as a qualified nominee and vote for him or second: take the position that somehow the FBI got it wrong. Yep, got it wrong. The FBI didn’t do a good enough job and should look again and keep looking. It would give the clear implication that the FBI is not competent.

The FBI they have been declaring for more than 18-months is beyond reproach. The President has unfairly targeted the FBI they say. His verbal and Twitter assaults on the agency is undermining the entire national security of The United States. But what other choice would they have?

They would be backed in a corner and when that happens to a rat they tend to fight back no matter how futile it may be.

So yes, I believe The President should order the FBI to do a cursory into the un- provable allegations of some sort inappropriate touching at a High School house party.