Democrats and left wing pundits from the New York Times to CNN can spend the entire day talking about Michael Cohen, Paul Manafort or how offended they are by which flags are flying at half-mast and which ones aren’t. Here in the middle of America nobody cares. Trust me; in Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Indiana and Wisconsin all of the blathering is not moving the needle one bit. Most of those living in the middle tuned out a long time ago.

There are only two things voters living in the middle care about. They care about the economy and they care about immigration. Remember these are the same people that carried Donald Trump to victory in November 2016 and those are the very same things they cared about then.

While CNN was refusing to issue a correction about a major failure covering Michael Cohen and spending hours on whether or not President Trump is a bad guy for not issuing a timely statement on the death of Senator John McCain; Trump’s Administration was finishing the initial phases of a trade deal with Mexico to replace the 24 year old NAFTA deal.

Guess which one the working people in the Midwest actually care about?

NBC Nightly News also missed the breaking news on the Mexican trade deal too it appeared. The once proud peacock strutted around focusing on President Trump raising flags on The White House to full staff before McCain has been buried. Was the President’s behavior bad form? Yes. Should he have done better and been more gracious at the death of a sitting Senator even though he’s been a bitter rival with The President? Yes. And honestly that is where the story ends for those in the center of the country. I’m sorry but they really don’t care that much about such things.

The new deal with Mexico that came complete with the Mexican President being put on speakerphone by Trump to talk about the deal is what hard working Americans actually care about.

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People are not going to work today in Eau Claire or Bad Axe or Allentown wondering if Michael Cohen may have the goods on Donald Trump meeting with the Russians. We know he doesn’t of course now that Lanny Davis has admitted to making it up and being an anonymous source for numerous news outlets to spread the false story. But either way, the people that abandoned the Democrats and Hillary Clinton in 2016 to vote for President Trump really don’t care. Really.

Let me tell what else they don’t care about.

They don’t care if Paul Manafort paid his taxes. They don’t care if Donald Trump shows his. They don’t care about tearing down Confederate statues in the city park or screaming obscenities at the police. They don’t care about Global Warming or much of anything Al Gore has to say. They don’t care about social justice warriors, environmental justice warriors and they certainly don’t care about man-buns. They don’t care what vulgarities Robert DeNiro spews about Trump or about them for voting for him. They don’t care about Hollywood in general and don’t consider Rosie O’Donnell, Whoopi Goldberg, Michael Moore, Bill Maher, Jennifer Lawrence, Lena Dunham, Mark Cuban or a hoard of other media whores to be political experts. In fact most don’t consider those that play make believe for a living reliable sources for much of anything.

They also don’t care about Stormy Daniels, Karen McDougal or anyone else the President may or may not have had one-night stands or affairs with. It just doesn’t matter to them because they have bigger concerns.

What these people do care about are their families and their futures. They are focused on an improving economy with booming numbers of job openings, improving wages on Main Street and big returns on Wall Street.

They care about their kids and don’t want their families torn apart like Mollie Tibbitts family in Iowa. Tibbitts was brutally hunted down and murdered by a 24- year-old illegal alien from Mexico. They can identify with the horror of the killing and reject ideas about open borders and so-called sanctuary cities.

They don’t buy what far left midway hawkers are selling. They believe in America and her greatness.

They believe in the rule of law and like the majority of Americans they don’t think disbanding ICE is a good idea. They also support local law enforcement and don’t believe most police officers are racist or the enemy. They still believe police officers are the good guys.

In fact they think Americans are the good guys and are sick and tired of hearing people on the left tearing us down every day.

Trust me, the November Election comes down to just two things; the economy and immigration. Period.

Bank on it!