I have just returned from a much-deserved vacation for myself and my family. We travelled through Southwestern Montana, into Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming and a quick skate through Idaho.

We flew out of the wonderfully updated Gerald Ford International Airport in Grand Rapids, through Minneapolis and into Bozeman, Montana. And every step of the way I wondered what will the Democrats run on in 2018. Is “We hate Trump and you should too”, all they have to offer? It seems that way.

I steered clear of all news during our ten days unplugged. I spent time with my wife and children and not my device. We ate well, laughed hard and did things none of us had done before. It was wonderful.

However, there was an air of optimism that is permeating through this country right now. There is an air that things are going pretty well. Before we were out of Michigan I was noticing the big bold ‘help wanted’ signs. In Minnesota at the airport we all saw the same thing. Not to mention the airports were full and so were the planes which is a pretty good indication that things are going well for a lot of people. In Montana things are just flat out booming. I knew things were looking up three months ago when we tried to book one room for one night in Yellowstone National Park. We literally got the only room available anywhere in the entire 2.2 million acre park. The last room and yes we took it. By the way the room was in a brand new hotel at Canyon Village where we saw a lot more help wanted signs and I listened to employees chatting back and forth about having trainees with them.

Yeah things are really bustling right now. The new numbers for the economy have been rolling in and they look better than ever. Unemployment is down to 3.9% and for the black and Hispanic communities it continues to be the lowest ever recorded. GDP looks like it could seriously move past 5% in the not too distant future and despite all of the talk about trade wars there has been little impact for the vast majority of Americans.

While I was trying to catch another fat Brown Trout in the Madison River The President apparently went on a couple of Twitter Blitzes. I understand the media took it all, hook, line and sinker. I didn’t pay attention but I do understand the term ‘Fish On!’

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This brings me back to my question. What are the Democrats running on? Is it, ‘we don’t want tax cuts’, so lets raise your taxes? Is it, ‘we don’t care about borders and everyone deserves to be here’, so lets get rid of ICE? Is it, ‘rich people suck and we need to really soak them so we can get more stuff like they have’, and therefore create more class envy and anger? What is it exactly that the Democrats are going to put out there to sway the masses?

They will scream and shout and tell us Donald Trump isn’t Presidential and most of us will just yawn and say ‘yeah we noticed that.’ They will scream and carry on and tell you Trump is a womanizer and a pig and most of us will just stare with a blank look on our faces because we have heard that so many times it really has no effect at all anymore. No kidding a billionaire with a penchant for exotic women has had affairs? I am really shocked now please go away.

But then we get down to what they think will really work, carving up your paycheck so it can be passed around to ‘the less fortunate’ to make sure America is fair to everyone. I am not sure how they thought helping themselves to your paycheck and mine made the place fairer but they did. In fact your paycheck and mine and maybe even your retirement savings is all part of what they will need to pay the bills.

Why you ask? Well just look at what Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and the New Democrats are proposing. The number of politicians willing to take your money and give it to someone else is growing rapidly. Have you seen what is happening in Seattle? We will get back to that another day.

Here is the play. They will offer a pile of stuff they claim is free but we all know really isn’t. They will promise jobs paying at least $15 an hour to every single person in this country whether they work or not and whether or not they are actually citizens. They will offer free college and forgiveness of student loans that are already out there. They will promise to provide healthcare to anyone and everyone and more. They will guarantee Social Security payments to ever more people. In fact they will promise just about anything under the sun in the hopes that you will buy in. They will also guarantee on top of all of that bling, a free house to anyone who wants it. Because after all whether you care to work, not work, get high, not get high, get drunk, not get drunk or whatever, housing is your human right and dammit do not forget that! And remember to vote for the Communists, er I mean Socialists, no wait it’s the Democrats.

How the hell is Bernie going to keep up in the Freepallooza Sweepstakes? I cannot wait until he wraps up his magical summer at his elegant Northern Vermont lake house so he can explain the finer points of giving away other peoples stuff to buy votes for himself but then I digress.

What they won’t tell you is that most of the things they are promising will never come to pass because they are just pipe dreams. Which makes me think they will be offering free weed to everyone pretty soon. Go ahead and laugh but sadly you know you are going to hear that exact thing some day soon and you’ll be saying to yourself, ‘damn Gruber called that one too.’ You can drop me a line and let me know how right I was, again.

So again, where in all of this Trump hating, spendthrift hysteria will any actual policies be found? “Hey hey ho ho Donald Trump has got to go… and we have a job for you no matter if you want it or not but you’d better vote for the Communists.” Oops there I go again. I mean the Democrats.

Its all free all of the time, just trust me and vote Progressive. What could possibly go wrong with any of that?