Mollie Tibbetts could have been anyone’s daughter. She certainly could have been mine and her senseless murder could have happened to any one of us. You know that and so do I but the tone-deaf liberal crowd in America cannot even fathom why ‘some girl in Iowa’ even matters.

Let me explain.

It matters because a college girl being chased down and brutally murdered before being dumped in a cornfield by someone living here illegally punches Americans right in the gut. It is a story that resonates far from the farm where her body was left in a heap. Moms and dads can identify with the horror of Mollies family. It hits home because everyone knows it was the kind of senseless tragedy that was completely avoidable. It breaks the hearts of real Americans. If our borders were properly secured and those trying to get in illegally were turned away this would not have happened.

It seems however when the Democrats disconnected themselves from Middle America they disconnected completely. They did so to the point of not even having real empathy for a young woman who died in the violent hands of an illegal alien.

It’s just a local crime story I heard one of the liberal TV pundits say. Another one asked ‘why are they talking about some girl in Iowa?’ Then came the most reprehensible comments of all from Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren. The Democratic Presidential hopeful appearing on CNN pretended to feel sorry for Mollie Tibbitts family but in the twinkle of her lying eyes quickly said we need to focus on “real problems” in immigration. Real problems? I guess the slaughter of bright young college girls doesn’t qualify as a real problem. Warren wasn’t done twisting the narrative however. It took just seconds for Warren to make the entire story about herself as she feigned outrage in telling both viewers about her trip to the southern border and her conversations with illegal aliens there and her feelings and so on.

The dismissive attitude of the left when it comes to ‘real issues’ that affect Americans is breath taking. I mean they cannot honestly believe that just throwing the door open at the border is a good idea and yet that is exactly what they are preaching all across this country. Then you hear liberals like New York Governor Andrew Cuomo tell them their country has never been great. There is nothing like insulting the home team.

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They are telling us in effect that American citizens are less important than those that would like to live here, legal or not.

This is exactly why Donald Trump even with all of his personal failings is President. Its also why he is the odds on favorite to win again in 2020. People inside the Washington bubble think what matters is what they tell you it is. This week they are telling you it’s Michael Cohen and Paul Manafort. They fail to understand that average Americans don’t care about a sleazy lawyer who didn’t pay his taxes or that he made payments to keep The Presidents affairs under wraps.

Donald Trump didn’t get elected because he’s a Saint. That’s all baked in and the left demanding that we keep hearing the same negative things over and over will be of great benefit to Republicans at the polls. The left has nearly completely desensitized all of us to anything The President may have done. They have done so to their own detriment.

Everyone knows that Donald Trump is a wealthy man that is prone to dalliances with exotic women and sometimes he hangs out with lowlifes just like Cohen and Manafort. Nobody cares outside of CNN, MSNBC or the newsroom at The New York Times. The rest of us are too busy working, paying the bills, looking out for our families and generally enjoying an economy that is far better than it has been in quite some time.

The Media and totally out of touch politicians like Elizabeth Warren and Andrew Cuomo keep reminding us of why Trump won and why he will again. There are millions of Americans that are willing to overlook some things because they know Trump is fighting for them. They are not willing to overlook the senseless murder of Mollie Tibbitts because they know Mollies life matters.