Democrats are still driving a wedge into Middle America and throwing gas on the flames of political division. The problem is they are alienating and dividing their own base and don’t even realize it.

New York Governor and likely Democratic Presidential candidate Andrew Cuomo stood on stage recently and proclaimed, “We are not going to make America great again, it was never that great.” The crowd of Democratic partisans gasped and nervous laughter broke out but Cuomo didn’t seem to notice. His derisive comments were intentional and his response was tone deaf. It took nearly 24 hours for his office to feebly attempt to walk the comments back.

Too late, the truth about what Democrats really think continues to leak out and it could lead to another disappointing Election Day for the left come November. Like so many on the left Cuomo doesn’t understand America or the reasons that Donald Trump won the Presidency. Either that or they just don’t care.

By continuing to focus on identity politics, they are driving their own voters away.

The Democrats are increasingly out of touch with blue-collar workers and union members. Do you really think that far left Democrats like Elizabeth Warren, Kamala Harris or Andrew Cuomo are going to retrieve wayward liberals that pulled the lever for Donald Trump’s winning populist message of putting America first? Other than President Trump is awful and offering a pile of free stuff that any honest individual knows isn’t really possible the left doesn’t seem to have a message.

The left isn’t in touch with the heart of the country and they really don’t seem to get it. That means the blue-collar-white-working-class voters that have been walking away from the Democrats since 2010 aren’t coming back.

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Hillary Clinton’s biggest failure after losing the blue-collar rust belt votes in 2016 was the inability to motivate support from minority voters. Let’s be honest Clinton was never able to muster more than a luke-warm response from minority voters in places like Philadelphia, Detroit and Milwaukee. Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin all shocked the mainstream pundits and led the way to Donald Trump’s victory.

It doesn’t seem that Democrats have learned thing.

The Blue Collar and Black voters left Hillary at the alter in 2016 and they are very likely to do the same to Democrats all across the nation again in 2018. What surprises me is they will all be shocked again even though they have done almost nothing to change the narrative.

Instead of going back to its historical base with hat in hand to seek forgiveness and look for guidance; the Democratic Party has instead dug in its heels and gone all in on extreme far left ideas and the failed ideas of identity politics. Instead of learning from the ill-fated 2016 campaign Democrats are still intent on insulting white working class voters in the suburbs and taking black voters in the cities for granted.

This is a one two punch into political oblivion.

I can assure you the idea of revoking the so-called crumbs of the Trump tax cuts among the blue collar workers that lined up for him in 2016 will once again send a shock wave through the pollsters when the votes are counted this November.

Calling for open borders and sanctuary cities may play well on the coasts but in Cleveland or Des Moines it is dead on arrival with African American and Hispanic voters. The idea of allowing a flood of illegals in without having to stand in line is also a stone cold loser in places like Florida where a popular sitting governor may steal a bonus Senate seat for the GOP.

The constant refrain of Trump is horrible isn’t resonating either. It may play well with hard core Democrats and on the coasts but the rest of the country knows the economy is in a rare place that is financially rewarding millions of Americans every day.

In 2016, Hillary and the Democrats were counting on strong turnout from its traditional base but the intensity was weak compared to those that filled Trumps rock star type rallies.

This year the Democrats could fall victim to their own inflated expectations once again. President Trump has already rolled out his 2018 travelling road show and it’s playing to enthusiastic crowds of adoring fans across the nation.

The Democrats continue to dismiss these gatherings as nothing more than an anomaly but that’s what they did before. Democrats seem intent on placating themselves with the fanciful notion that 2016 was some kind of a fluke. They believe their wayward voters will return where they belong but they don’t really have a reason why. What was the definition of insanity again?