Unprecedented has become one of those terms grossly overused by the national news media in its near breathless coverage of President Donald Trump and his administration. This week however its accurate not as it applies to the President; but rather the media itself. Scores of newspapers have agreed to make a pre-planned attack on the White House under the guise of ‘coordinated response’ all using the same talking points and its certainly unprecedented in my lifetime to see groupthink take over 100 newspapers at once.

The issue of such urgency they will explain is The Presidents ongoing war with the press itself and his comments recently referring to many reporters and their outlets as the ‘enemy of the people’. I agree with their anger and resentment at being labeled enemy of the people but aren’t these papers including The New York Times, Washington Post and Detroit Free Press underscoring exactly what is wrong with the institution in the first place? I mean reciting chapter and verse from the very same liberal hymnal and regurgitating the same talking points underscores one of the very criticisms people have of the media today. They are nothing more than talking heads and they are all saying the same thing. They are only out to get Donald Trump and will do anything to destroy him.

Remember these are many of the same papers that targeted Sinclair Broadcasting because that company had the nerve to send talking points to it’s local affiliates to read concerning its news guidelines for handling balanced coverage of stories and of course dealing with ‘fake news.’

During its coverage of that story, The Washington Post described Sinclair as ‘the most insidious force in local news’ but this week will join 100 other papers in a mass display of groupthink and strangely will not think it is hypocritical at all.

Is the press the enemy of the people? Maybe not but having scores of newspapers duplicate nearly identical talking points for all isn’t exactly making you a champion of the people either. Remember the term ‘independent press’? It gets thrown around a lot these days but if you are writing the same thing as everybody else that isn’t exactly independent now is it? The greatness of America is rooted in the principal that we can all express ourselves as we see fit. That privilege does not extend to the oval office anymore as far as many in the media are concerned.

Many of these same papers have been the worst offenders when it comes to publishing gossip and trying to pass it off as actual news. From day one many of these papers have attacked the President with reckless abandon. The emphasis is on the word reckless. Lets not forget in the first few hours of Donald Trumps very first day, The Associated Press put out a story to the world that Trump had removed the statue of Reverend Martin Luther King Junior from the Oval Office. The story went viral in a matter of minutes. Every major newspaper and news network around the world picked up the story. It was repeated over and over again. It was false. The problem is the headlines are all on page one and the retractions are always buried in the back if they bother to publish one at all. In this case buried along with countless reputations that may or may not be salvaged.

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Many in the media have simply sold their souls in pursuit of Trump. They believe there is some kind of salvation awaiting them if they can just bring him down. They don’t even bother with any pretense about covering the Presidency with any objectivity. They are doing the right thing. Just ask them and they are sure to tell you so.

You don’t have to look any further than the literally thousands of hours dedicated to covering the poorly written, barely sourced, extended gossip column penned by Michael Wolff. Fire and Fury released earlier this year was passed off as some kind of insiders look at the Trump White House. The tawdry piece of trash was the focus of countless articles and television segments. I mean the book not the author.

The Boston Globes Michael Cohen was among a legion of journalists fawning over Wolff’s bottom feeding frenzy and wrote this January 5, 2018, “Sure, Wolff writes at length about the Presidents intellectual limitations, his monstrous ego, his childlike need for constant validation. He writes of a White House consumed by chaos, mismanagement and backstabbing. Yawn. We knew this already.

” We did? When did we all arrive at that conclusion? Oh, that’s right we haven’t but the so-called journalists working at major publications and networks by and large came to that conclusion long ago.

If you don’t agree with them across the board then you are in their estimation just as repugnant as the man in The White House but when you call them out for their irrational antics they cry foul. Please! If you want to cast stones at half the country don’t be surprised when they return the favor.

Wolff was allowed to wander for weeks granting interviews to just about anyone. The major papers and networks couldn’t get enough of his vague mostly unsubstantiated claims. And they helped spread his garbage almost without challenge. There is no time to push back when you are busy applauding because you hate the President more than you respect yourself or your own profession.

It wasn’t until Wolfe made the appalling suggestion that Trump was sleeping with United Nations Ambassador Nicki Haley live on MSNBC’s Morning Joe that he was finally tossed out by Mika Brzezinski. But again the damage is already done. Mika didn’t say ‘excuse me Mr. President but we really got this one wrong and we never should have given that clown any airtime.’

In fairness, I’m not sure if I were Mika I’d apologize either; after all Trump has been brutal to her and her co-host/fiancée Joe Scarborough in many of his ill tempered Tweets but again don’t forget the track record of the media ever since it became clear Trump was going to win The Presidency. Many in the press corps literally broke down in tears, lost their minds and became so angry and obsessed that they lost all objectivity. Psychologist Jennifer Panning has formally named the anti- Trump obsession, Trump Anxiety Disorder.

How deeply rooted and lopsided is the media dislike for President Trump? Well consider this tidbit; in the run up to the 2016 election out of the 100 largest papers in America 57 endorsed Hillary Clinton and just 2 endorsed Donald Trump. I am quite confident they are all still smarting about just how wrong they were all across the nation. You can also bank on the fact that those 57 papers are among those leading the charge against The President in this latest attack.

Ironically those are the same so-called news outlets that will scream foul about being targeted by the President for accusing them of peddling fake news or being an enemy of the people.

It reminds me of things we used to be taught in this country like ‘don’t dish it out if you can’t take it.’ I mean how many times do we have to hear Jim Acosta, CNN’s victim in residency complain about how he gets treated and in the same clip see him screaming like a child at the President during a formal event at the White House? Gee Jim, if you want to be treated properly don’t act like a wild animal during such events.

Fairness means zero to the vast majority of the media anymore it seems; but keep in mind, if they can single out the President for a good dose of the mob rules, they can come after you and your family as well. You would be well advised to think about that if you are among those cheering when groupthink and herd mentality take over the minds and bodies of otherwise rational people.

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