Professional activists and newly minted victims staged a yet another protest outside the United States Supreme Court this week. They were all set-up with their bullhorns, placards, shirts, banners and an entire laundry list of grievances about the evil behavior of the nominee for the nations high court put forth by President Trump. They had finally seen enough and heard enough and they were ready to draw a line in the sand. They were ready to fight back against this evil person with all they had. Strangely however they prepared for the epic battle and screamed their complaints and rallied the resistance, all without even knowing who the nominee was going to be. Now is that some sure fire Magic-8-Ball kind of results or what? Or more likely, is it clear proof that the left doesn’t really care about the truth or fair play anymore or even the appearance of trying to work together with anyone they don’t agree with? Isn’t it just proof that the left doesn’t care about anything except preserving and defending it’s own political agenda? It seems pretty obvious this is the relentless pursuit of power, pure and simple.

I must admit however it is one hell of a time saver.

I mean if you are just going to attack anything put forth by someone else and all you have to do is fill in the blank without ever having to actually think for yourself, well that is in a roundabout perverted way a genius decision. It is a brilliant strategy. Think about it, no matter what the other guy says you just call him names and accuse him of wanting to kill old people, steal from children and rob the poor to help the rich get richer. It is magnificent in its simplicity. It is completely vacant of reason but that doesn’t matter either. No thinking involved just blind allegiance to a cause that you can just fill in the blank with whatever villain you are told to attack. Left, left, left, right, left. Just keep marching and don’t ask any questions.

No wonder these folks can sleep in every day and never have to bother with a real job. I mean who needs a real job if the blanks are going to be filled in for you when you roll out of bed at 1 O’clock in the afternoon? What bothers me most is why I didn’t think of this before. I mean seriously all you need to do is get a flock of poorly educated, easily agitated simpletons, tell them what they are supposed to think and voila there it is, a political movement, which is remarkably close to a common bowel movement but is nonetheless a movement and this my friends is today’s liberal movement explained.

Sadly it appears Democrats don’t actually stand for anything anymore so they just fill in the blank when its time to protest against the villain of the week. They roll out the evermore predictable venom accusing their enemies of being a Nazi, misogynist, bigot, dictator, cisgendered, privileged or whatever label they can muster to smear an otherwise good American in pursuit of some kind of ill-conceived justice. They riot in pursuit of social justice, economic justice and environmental justice. In fact they will light fires in the streets for almost any sort of justice they can dream up.

It’s easy. All you do is pick a topic, any topic find a conservative, a patriot, a Republican or anyone that thinks America is exceptional and fill in the blank with a standard issue smear campaign. Name the victim and name the oppressor, which also comes without much variation and is predictably a Republican, conservative or Christian that is almost always a white man too. Go ahead and check the statistics. I’m right but you already knew that, which is why you’re here in the first place.

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It is damned sad that we have raised a entire generation of imbeciles. I mean it. We have really screwed up here. We tolerated the nonsense from the fringe left and now many of our kids and grandkids have embraced these misguided notions and failed policies of Marxism. You and I are responsible in part for the filth we see on TV and hear on the radio. I know you were too busy working to pay as much attention as you should have but that does not excuse you from shared responsibility. Trust me this is something I am big on. Accountability is king in my house and should be in yours as well.

The only thing I can offer as an anecdote to all of this manufactured outrage and fill in the blank mentality of the left is the cold hard truth. I mean it. We have to hit these people with a withering attack of facts every day, all day. The only thing that has any chance of tearing down the liberal myths and lies that are spewed everyday like so much manure from the backside of livestock is truth. Tell them the truth every chance you get no matter how much it hurts. It is your responsibility.

I don’t fill in the blanks. I wait to see who we are talking about or what we are talking about before I stake our my position. I take experiences from my own life and compare them to what I am being told on television or social media or anywhere else for that matter. I ask a lot of questions. You may have noticed that along the way. I strongly suggest you ask a lot of questions too. It is a good idea to challenge things you’re being told if you find them to be weak. It is a good idea to check sources on Internet news and information. You don’t have to trust the reporter blathering away. Just because they’re on TV doesn’t mean they have done their homework and can actually verify the credibility of what they are saying to you. The truth is many of these good looking fresh faces on TV have absolutely no clue what they are talking about. You can take that one to the bank. Trust me I’ve been there.

It is time to let people know that you are not going to be taken for the fool. You will not just nod, smile and take their word for it. You will challenge them and ask plenty of questions and figure out for yourself what’s really going on. Lets be honest here, we’ve all trusted people and stories on TV, the Internet or in the paper that turned out to be completely wrong. You are smarter than that and so am I.

I for one will never sit on the ground to fill in the name of someone I have been told is bad and I must protest. I will make those decisions for myself every single time and they will be informed decisions. Trust me on that.