The Democratic Party is headed toward going all in on the elimination of ICE, in what I consider an odd response to family separations that have been headline news over the past couple of weeks. It seems pretty amazing that the left is willing to dismantle United States border enforcement because of the shrill response of our nation enforcing laws that have been on the books for decades. These laws were put into place during both Democratic and Republican administrations and are supported by the vast majority of all Americans. It is a really bad issue, for a variety of issues but liberals seem to be tone-deaf on the issue.

Yes! Americans are opposed to taking children away from their parents by a wide margin, even if those parents have been arrested for coming into the country illegally. Under intense pressure and terrible optics President Trump issued an Executive Order stopping the so-called zero tolerance policy and ending the practice. For all practical purposes that takes the issue off the table for the November midterm elections. The Democrats, however in a clear case of overplaying their hand have upped the ante and are betting that voters will punish Republicans in the midterms for the short lived family separation policy.

The decision is based on the upset primary win by a hard-core socialist and political neophyte Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Ocasio-Cortez made eliminating ICE the central theme of her campaign. Her fringe candidacy however was enough to unset a ten term Democratic leader, Congressman Joe Crowley. In fact Ocasio-Cortez knocked down 58% of the vote. Democrats like Presidential hopeful Kamala Harris of California immediately jumped on the bandwagon of anarchy and lawlessness. Instead of calling this insanity for what it is other hard left Democrats have been following suit and calling for an end to the agency that arrested roughly 40,000 illegal aliens in the country last year, including 5,000 hardened gang members from south of the border.

If Democrats think mainstream America will buy into closing down border enforcement in favor of a flood of illegal immigrants, sanctuary cities and sanctuary states they are quite misinformed. This is far off the mark they really are. Democratic Pollster Mark Penn, who was a key advisor to the Clinton team for years including Hillary’s first failed attempt for President in 2008, found that 84% of those surveyed are opposed to such a cockeyed idea. Crazy I know but even in 2018 Americans are in favor of Federal Immigration laws and in favor of enforcing them.

It seems the idea of MS-13 coming to town and setting up shop is not an idea that sells on Main Street. I guarantee you this; if the Democrats continue to allow the hijacking of the once proud political party by those that are full blown socialists and anarchists then the party will soon cease to exist.

While we are examining just how far out of touch many on the left have become I should rundown Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s entire platform because it seems no matter how far out of the mainstream some candidates are some are soon to follow. She not only would dismantle ICE and in fact that idea seems the most normal and it would be just the beginning. Ocasio-Cortez believes the government should guarantee everyone a job, give everyone government paid healthcare, the government should pay for everyone to go to college, housing is a human right and everyone is entitle to a home funded by the government. Those points are just getting her warmed up. Ocasio-Cortez is demanding a ‘New Green Deal’ to create a carbon free 100% renewable energy system and a brand new electrical grid no later than 2035. The demands she puts forth also include universal paid sick leave and paid family time off. I am sure there is more but I am concerned that far too many trees will pay the ultimate price for her liberal superiority if I outline all of her through the looking glass ideas.

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However I should make sure you know about one last item on her extensive list of far left Marxist ideas. Ocasio-Cortez wants an ‘economy of peace’ that values all humanity. It sounds a lot like those ridiculous answers you hear from those trying to win a beauty contest. “Ummm yes all I want is world peace.” Yeah Alexandria, we all want world peace but most of us start our days in the real world where rainbows, unicorns and other peoples paychecks are not ours to have.

Some on the left understand it. Senator Tammy Duckworth of Illinois for example threw a cold blanket on the whole Socialist celebration by pointing out Ocasio-Cotez and those far left ideas may win in the Bronx but have no chance in the Midwest.

How dare you talk that way Senator!

Bernie says it will work and never mind how any of it will get paid for. Just villainize the successful, penalize the working class, eliminate ICE and throw open the borders. What could possibly go wrong with any of that?