It appears to me that the Democrats like the beach a lot more than your average person. After all in places like California and Cape Cod the sand is magnificent and they are bright blue strongholds of Democratic politics. The Jersey Shore and oceanfront property in Seattle are also fine waterfront places that are also deep blue politically speaking and it seems the Democrats are getting a stronger grip on power in such places but at what cost?

Every day in response to not being in charge in America they act out like petulant children throwing a tantrum. That inability to control themselves and their volatile anger was on full display once again Monday night in front of the Supreme Court where activists and professional victims waited to fill in the blank of Donald Trump’s choice to fill the vacancy left on the Supreme Court by the retirement of Anthony Kennedy. If it weren’t so sad it would be funny. It is nothing less than pathetic to watch adults sit down and scribble the name of Brett Kavanaugh and denounce him as a radical far right fringe choice. He’s not of course but he was selected by President Trump and that is enough for the far left to go apoplectic for the 609 th consecutive day. Yes it has been 609 days since Donald Trump crushed Hillary Clinton in the Electoral College to win the Presidency in a walkaway.

Kavanaugh is so radical that he is ok being cisgendered, lives in the suburbs of Maryland, attends a Catholic Church, coaches his daughter’s basketball team and loves his wife. He is so out of control that he has been a highly respected member of the DC Circuit Court of Appeals for a dozen years and authored more than 300 decisions.

The truth is Kavanaugh is a family man who has achieved great things in his law career. He is respected by his peers and considered infinitely qualified for a seat on the United States Supreme Court.

The Democratic Party has taken several big steps recently toward securing the coasts for liberal elites and creating a regional political force for decades to come. The problem is that will be about all that’s left for the left. The monumental upset of long time Congressman Joe Crowley by millennial Democratic Socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in New York’s 14 th Congressional District marks the official end of the Democrats as a party of mainstream American voters. The extreme positions that Ocasio-Cortez campaigned on are far removed from the people outside the bubble of Georgetown, DC, Los Angeles and New York.

Protesting in the streets to demand Immigration and Customs Enforcement be destroyed, our borders be opened and at the same time telling anyone that will listen they are best qualified to lead the nation is not resonating anywhere in the heart of the country. Look around and you will see Trump signs beginning to bloom again. Watch this phenomenon unfold over the next several weeks. It is telling and it is an early indication once again of the rising populist wave that will once again catch the oblivious Democrats off-guard.

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In fact the socialist move to attack law enforcement, the rule of law, embrace sanctuary cities, eliminate ICE and ignore laws they don’t like puts them an ocean apart from groups of people that used to be reliable Democratic voters. Former Democratic voters in fact are fleeing in waves from the party. The #WalkAway movement is gathering steam every day. When Democrats stand on the Courthouse steps and scream that Judge Brett Kavanaugh will end access to abortion in America, destroy gun control efforts, turn back the clock centuries and defend The President against Bob Mueller’s investigation at any cost, honest hard working Americans know better.

The truth is the left has no message and worse the left has no popular mandate for the total government control of health care, education, the mud puddles in your yard, the food you eat, the electricity you use, the words you speak or the thoughts you have. The left is frantic to have control over your life and every time it slips further away the more delirious they become.

As a result of the extremists on the left taking over the Democratic Party many that are teachers, plumbers, salesmen, daycare workers and a thousand other things are just leaving. They know that all of the doom and gloom just isn’t true and they believe Judge Brett Kavanaugh should not be treated like the anti-Christ but more like the Sunday School teacher he actually is.