There is an epidemic of rage in America. There is an obsession on the left with anger focused at The President of the United States. This anger has become destructive for millions of people that have apparently become incapable of getting past the last Presidential Election. The inability to move on has put many on the left in a state of suspended political animation. They are easily agitated and focus far too much energy on criticizing not just the President, but are now turning the obsessive compulsive outbursts toward anyone who doesn’t feel the same way they do or worse, those who support the successful policies of the Trump Presidency.

The rage boils over for all to see and those that found themselves on the losing end of the 2016 election are seething more every day. The bitterness seems to be escalated each time the President scores a success. It has become so perverse and pervasive that you must wonder if it is in fact more serious than pedestrian anger management issues.

This irrational and unhealthy preoccupation with everything the President does, no matter how small, has been called Trump Derangement Syndrome. At first, I think that was a term that was used half in jest, but the infatuation has not waned over 18 months and in fact many observers believe the hang-up on the left and the inability to find their way out of the mental darkness might be a more serious mental condition.

In the book Overcoming Destructive Anger: Strategies That Work, Psychologist Bernard Golden points out involvement in groups like The Resistance or Antifa can help create a connection with others feeling the same angst and anger. He also points out that many people in this kind of group can be distracting themselves from the more problematic work of figuring out who they are themselves. In a way he is saying those denigrating Trump and his supporters through a constant barrage of ad hominem attacks may be trying to fill their own empty identity. In a setting where a mob screams hatred to the President, may be a way to avoid their own toxic shame.

Dr. Richard Kradin a Harvard Professor and trained psychoanalyst says it’s actually worse than you might already think. The left’s obsession with hating Trump no matter what according to Dr. Kradin is a “genuine psychological issue.” Kradin says we can identify the problems challenging those on the left. There is rapid change occurring and the Democratic Party is not at all what it was just a few years ago. There has been a progressive breakdown of traditional moral values concurrent with the emergence of an extreme left-wing ideology focusing on radical feminism, identity politics and hard-core peer pressure all homogenized and normalized through a blistering anti-intellectual assault 24 hour a day on social media.

Kradin terms it “the perfect neurotic storm” which sounds like an apt description to I mean when you look at members of Congress like Maxine Waters lashing out at anyone associated with The Trump White House and saying they deserve to be hounded no matter where they may go. Waters is fueling the possibility of more violence like we saw on the baseball diamond in Alexandria Virginia in June of last year when a deranged leftist opened fire on Republicans. Congressman Steve Scalise and others were lucky to survive the would-be-assassins hail of gunfire on the baseball diamond.

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I agree with Dr. Kradin on at least one more very important point. He says the stances on the left are not only extreme but are also self-defeating and the compulsion to regurgitate talking points about white privilege, racism, bigotry, misogyny, preferential treatment of illegal aliens and emphasis on transsexual rights are out of step with mainstream America and is increasingly unpopular with the electorate. Instead of identifying the failure of their arguments they instead turn their frenzied focus to hatred of anyone who doesn’t embrace their radical ideas. They demonize those that have different points of view.

The virulent reactions were on full display once again Tuesday when the United States Supreme Court gave President Trump a huge victory when it upheld the administrations travel bans of citizens from several countries. Many of those countries are predominantly Muslim and the shrieking from the left was intellectually embarrassing except that those like Congressman Keith Ellison of Minnesota have no shame. Democratic Senator Chuck Schumer called the decision by the nation’s highest court un-American.

The liberal’s partners in the national news media are also fueling the entire embarrassing circus. Which makes me wonder what the diagnosis would be for the media. I think the basic term is “enabler”. Instead of pointing out their failures at the polls, in their policies and in their messages, the media continues to cheerlead the whole mess.

I guess I am at least getting a better understanding of medical marijuana from it all. I mean to buy into some of this crap you’d have to be stoned.