It is time to be honest. The biggest concern of Democrats is mothers when it comes to the separation of families at the southern border. When families are being ‘torn apart’ by President Trump and heartless Republicans it is the mom’s that are front and center for Democrats but it’s not the moms you’d think it would be. The Democrats are far more concerned about how the whole crisis will impact mothers in America that vote and not the moms whose children are being taken away and placed in HHS holding facilities. As long as this whole episode it providing a political narrative for the left to exploit don’t expect them to lift a single finger to help these families.

Let’s be honest families have been getting separated at the border for a very long time. The Democrats newly found love for these wayward travellers has nothing to do with protecting them. If that were the real focus then they would be sitting down with President Trump today to discuss comprehensive immigration reform. Their concern however isn’t with keeping families together but rather how many votes this whole mess can be turned into.

This is a two-tiered approach for the Democrats and it combines both a long-term and a short-term strategy into one powerful bit of motivation. First as I pointed out it hits American mothers hard in an effort to prove that Trump and Republicans are in fact evil and therefore cannot be supported at the polls in November and second is the goal of creating a whole class of new Democratic voters. The long-term play is to convert the vast majority of all illegal aliens into United States citizens and more importantly into Democratic voters for decades to come.

Tens of thousands of illegal alien children have crossed the border over the last ten years. 80% of those minors arrived at the border all by themselves with no parents anywhere in sight and the Democrats said nearly nothing. Those young people were also sent to HHS holding facilities but it wasn’t a concern to Bernie Sanders or Chuck Schumer or Nancy Pelosi then. President Trump made a decision in early May to enforce a law regarding ‘Operation Streamline’ which is a zero tolerance policy enacted in 2005 that dictates that anyone caught illegally crossing the border is arrested and prosecuted.

Republicans are breaking ranks with the President because the optics of crying children and mothers isn’t selling well with the majority of Americans. This is precisely why the Democrats have suddenly decided they don’t want to discuss immigration at all. Ideas put forth and supported by the left over the past few years are now of no interest at all. They are far more intrigued by the spectacle of a possible campaign issue that might actually work. They can feed the narrative of how awful conservatives are. They can promote the notion that Republicans are racist by saying ‘look they are abusing kids because they are black and brown.’

Yes it is perfectly clear that Democrats are very concerned about mothers when it comes to family separation on the southern border but the moms they are focused on come from places like Kalamazoo, Madison and Jacksonville. They are not as concerned about moms that come from Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras because if they were they would be taking President Trump’s invitation to sit down and solve the immigration problems we have in America.

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Solving the immigration problem however is of no interest because that will not
lead to votes in November.