The political conversation has spiraled so far down into the abyss that hamburgers and fried chicken are being weaponized in the battle for America’s hearts and minds. The latest skirmish lines were drawn through the Red Hen restaurant in Lexington Virginia. Over the weekend Sarah Huckabee Sanders was told that she wasn’t wanted there and neither were her friends or family. Sanders did the respectable thing and excused herself from her roost instead of lowering herself to their level of chicken s#@* behavior. I mean seriously, how far down have we fallen if people are being attacked because they work for the President of the United States?

The vitriol that is bubbling to the surface in this country has reached a new level of ignorance. Whatever happened to Voltaire? You know, I may not agree with a single thing you say but I will defend to the death your right to say it. That was something that used to be put up at the end of the local news when I was growing up. Quite clearly that was in a day when the Freedom of Speech was actually revered by those on all sides of any political debate. Now however we have arrived at a place where we won’t even allow those we disagree with to sit and have a quiet dinner. In fact the bums rush given Sanders is just one example of this kind of boorish behavior. Of course those that don’t like the President are trying to blame him but I learned a long time ago that the only person I am fully responsible for is myself. Blaming others for my bad behavior stopped working around the time I was going into Kindergarten.

The blame game however has become a cornerstone of the playbook being implemented by ‘The Resistance.’ I however believe the blame game is running out of people that will buy into it. You see, if you keep blaming everyone else for everything that ever goes wrong or for your own bad behavior, people can see right through that!

Maxine Waters, the certifiably insane Congresswoman from California came out immediately and not only endorsed Sanders being shown the hen house door before the drinks arrived, she suggested that every member of the Trump Administration should be targeted for the same exact treatment. This is only going to get worse but I am telling you it will not pay off on Election Day 2018. People are sick and tired of this nonsense.

Whether or not Sarah Sanders is allowed to eat farm to table steak at the Red Hen it appears more likely with each passing news cycle Democrats themselves will be eating crow come November. The bitter taste of the soured Blue Wave will be stuck in their mouths for at least a couple more years.