The premise of the left on the national stage right now is that Donald Trump is just like Hitler and if you support the President then you are in fact a living breathing Nazi. To hear the left tell it, Trump is rounding up kids of color after ripping them from their mother’s bosom before tossing them into cages. Anyone who votes for Trump or supports his policies on immigration is also without question a hateful racist. Those that work in his administration are equally vile and not worthy of general decency and should be run out of charity events or family dinners by roving mobs of ‘enlightened leftists.’

The problem is the argument has one really obvious gaping hole in fact and in logic. The premise is so flawed that the left has amped up its verbal attacks on the President and his administration in the hope that you don’t notice but they keep forgetting that those of us in places like Michigan, Florida, North Carolina and Wisconsin can actually read and decide for ourselves what’s going on. The day when Democrats could just herd the sheep into the polling booth is gone. Union members, laborers and people from backwater towns all over the country have decided they will go ahead and think for themselves. This is truly scary to liberals everywhere. That’s why they keep turning up the volume on the talking points because they are desperate for you to buy what they are selling. But buyer beware.

Let me pose just a couple questions so I can understand what’s really going on.

If America is such a nasty racist hellhole that is run by old white Nazi’s that are hoarding cash while using and abusing people of color then why are people of color doing everything they can to break into the country every single day? I mean seriously if America is the terrible unfair place where women and minorities are treated so poorly then why are 23 million people living here illegally by choice, with tens of thousands running across the border every month with the hope of living here? If the only way you can get ahead is to cash in on white privilege then why would anyone of color ever want to be here?

If you listen to the blathering class on CNN, NBC or CBS, you would have to conclude President Trump is running concentration camps for kids of color, is a practicing member of the Ku Klux Klan, is willing to let the world burst into flames from man made global warming, and anyone that thinks his efforts are working for the country are just as evil as he is. If you support his America First policies you are either evil or ignorant and likely both.

The truth the left is trying so hard to blast out of your heads is that things are going pretty well right now. Unemployment is at historical lows, GDP is on it’s way to 4% or better, ISIS has been crushed, North Korea is talking about getting rid of nuclear weapons, optimism is soaring, businesses are returning billions of dollars, tax revenues are at record highs and the future looks bright.

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What exactly is the left touting this year? Well, it appears they must want to dump the tax cuts, cut-off negotiations with Kim Jong Un and North Korea, open the border more than it already is, put massive regulations back in place, re-join the Paris Climate Accords and proclaim the Iran Nuclear deal was a good idea.

In order to accept the narrative being put forward by Democrats, liberals and the talking heads on the echo-chamber media you have to not believe what you see with your own eyes. I see people of color everyday. You know what I don’t see? I don’t see black and Hispanic people getting treated badly or getting abused. I don’t see women having a war waged on them by this President or his administration or the people that voted for him. In order to buy into these ridiculous talking points you’d have to ignore the help wanted signs, the increasing wages, the absence of ISIS on the evening news, the emergence of Kim Jon Un on the world stage, The United States Embassy in Jerusalem, the World Cup coming to America, the optimism that is growing every day and your own eyes and ears.

The Democrats are apparently relying on cognitive dissonance for millions of Americans come November to win the midterms. What else could there possibly be? The millions of people running over the border make it clear America is the best place in the world to live, raise a family and pursue your dreams.

Of course those of us living in the forgotten places in America like Kalamazoo, Wausau and Wilkesboro have known that our whole lives.