On this Father’s Day weekend lets cut to the chase; testicles are not a hate group. I realize this is a shocking revelation in the current climate of the culture wars in America but it needs to be said. Men and boys are under attack at every turn these days but the truth is we need men in this country more than ever. We need real men desperately in America.

More specifically we need more fathers. Too many men have shriveled from the responsibility of standing tall to actually parent the children they have created. Men have too often found it too convenient to bounce out of the picture and on to the next hot date. We are collectively left to clean up the wreckage left behind by the reckless behavior. For far too many it is too easy to cut a child support check rather than do the hard work of being a father.

I don’t understand it. Sure, raising kids can be frustrating, bewildering and overwhelming but it can also be the single most rewarding thing you can do. The biggest problem we are facing in America is that one third of our kids are being raised in single parent homes and the vast majority of those are women. In fact single moms are in charge of one home in four that has kids under 18. Nothing against the moms out there, God bless them they are doing what must be done but we need more dads on the scene parenting with them. What ever happened to ‘you wait until your father gets home? It really doesn’t mean much if in one quarter of the homes with kids there is no dad at all.

Worse is that many government programs that are allegedly in place to help the poor actually incentivize the elimination of dads altogether from the home. Why? You would have to ask the central planners and social engineers to get an answer to that perplexing riddle.

But why should we be concerned because the left tells us that all families are equal? The liberals have been telling us for 50 years that all families are good as long as they are looking out for the kids. The sad fact is that it just isn’t true. Broken families are called that for a reason and no matter how you try to dress that up it does not fix the problem.

Here is one glaring fact; the vast majority of the boys that inflict mass carnage in the form of school shootings come from homes with no father or one that is rarely there. Kids from broken homes with no dad are far more likely to get hooked on drugs, join gangs and end up in prison. It seems at a time when men are being targeted for being too manly and schools want boys to act like proper young women in and sit quietly and polite in classrooms all day; what we really need to reevaluate the entire discussion and inject some testosterone back into the American home.

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Remember this men teach boys about accountability, responsibility and work ethic but before they can do that they have rise to the occasion on all three points as well. So on this Father’s Day weekend take time to recognize the good dads out there for all they do and realize they are a dying breed that we must defend because if we don’t the future is not nearly as bright.