The Echo-Chamber anti-Trump Media is working overtime to spin the Inspector Generals report to squeeze it into a box but it just won’t fit. CNN, MSNBC and others would have you believe the report didn’t find any political bias. That is what we call a lie where I came from. Quite to the contrary Michael Horowitz actually found plenty of political bias in those allegedly investigating Hillary Clinton and her illegal use of a private email server. He also found insubordination on the part of former FBI Director James Comey for purposefully misleading then Attorney General Loretta Lynch about his nationally televised press briefing on July 5, 2016. What the IG report indicates above all else is that he found a complete mess at what is supposed to be the world’s premier law enforcement agency and The Department of Justice too.

Don’t be misled by charlatan correspondents, Horowitz found plenty of evidence of bias inside The Department of Justice and the FBI. In fact the IG report flagged numerous exchanges between FBI agents that were assigned to investigating Hillary Clinton but spent a good deal of their time bashing Donald Trump and in one exchange between the now infamous Peter Strzok and his mistress Lisa Page an FBI attorney at the time, Page begs to know whether or not Trump would become President to which Strzok shot back this message, “No. No he won’t. We’ll stop it.” We’ll stop it? Does that sound like a comment from an unbiased investigator that is only interested in the truth? No. No it doesn’t.

The report is massive with more than 500 pages in all and is a laundry list of government abuses of power in an effort it appears to protect Hillary Clinton while taking aim at Donald Trump. Text message exchanges were so flagrant between some of the FBI agents that Horowitz wrote the following, “These messages cast a cloud over the FBI’s handling of the Midyear investigation (The Clinton probe) and the investigation’s credibility.” Horowitz slammed the FBI and it’s handling of the Clinton investigation indicating it was so bad that it’s entire credibility have been eroded.

We will find out more when Horowitz comes to Capital Hill on Monday to answer questions from the Senate Judiciary Committee and you can bet that will be a barn burner.

Until then the political spin will continue. That I can guarantee.

The left is wrapping itself into just one short sentence in the report that reveals Horowitz and his team didn’t find ‘documentary evidence of bias’. That simply means they didn’t find a confession in black and white. But lets be very clear on this point; that does not mean they didn’t find bias it only means they didn’t find a smoking gun.

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That’s why Monday’s testimony in front of Republican Chuck Grassley’s committee will be so critical. Senators will be able to get down to brass tacks about whether or not Horowitz and his team found political bias that favored Hillary Clinton and put its sights on Donald Trump.

Consider some of the more telling facts that came out of the IG’s report today: the watchdog found FBI employees routinely accepted inappropriate gifts from reporters and leaked information with no authorization to do so, this comes after the now former security director for the Senate Intel Committee was indicted after being accused of lying to FBI agents about leaks, in fact Horowitz slammed the FBI for having officials at “all levels of the organization” leaking information to the media contrary to department policies. Does this sound like political bias to you? Why else would these agents be consistently leaking to reporters and in doing so violating the terms of their employment? By definition this is bias aimed to help one political candidate and damaging another.

What is even more shocking is the sheer volume of leaks outlined in the IG report. Horowitz found that dozens of special agents, special agents in charge, secretaries, attorneys, deputy assistant directors and more. The report included this; “we have profound concerns about the volume and extent of unauthorized media contacts by FBI personnel.” Again does this sound like agents that were unbiased in pursuit of doing their jobs? No. No, it doesn’t. But maybe it sounds a lot more like outright corruption and not just simple bias.

We also learned that ‘foreign agents’ accessed Hillary Clinton’s emails. Let’s focus on that for just a moment. Hillary’s reckless and illegal behavior allowed foreign actors to have access to her emails. We know that classified emails ended up on Anthony Weiner’s laptop that he shared with his wife Huma Abideen. With that in mind we should certainly conclude that those so-called foreign actors also were able to access classified emails. What other conclusion could you reach? Classified information was compromised that is clear by the facts laid out in the report.

Congressman Trey Gowdy of South Carolina was rightfully outraged and called it a “Dark day for the FBI and the DOJ” and added, “This is a bitterly disappointing report”.

Rudy Giulliani the Presidents attorney said last night it is disgraceful that Peter Strzok will show up for work tomorrow at the FBI. Adding every FBI agent should demand he be fired immediately. Further Giuliani said Bob Mueller should suspend his investigation in the morning and the investigations should instead be focusing on Comey, Lynch, Strzok, Page and a host of others.

It is clear that we are in dangerous territory today. We are supposed to be a nation of laws and it is clear that there are two kinds of justice in this nation. There is one set of rules for the likes of Hillary Clinton and something very different for the rest of us.

The question going forward is how can the American people place any trust in the FBI or the Department of Justice short of a full-blown criminal investigation into the entire charade of an alleged investigation of Hillary Clinton.

We will soon find out if Attorney General Jeff Sessions is serious about his job as the nations top cop because he can step in at this point and take control. We will find out if Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein is an honest broker too. Anything short of suspending the Bob Mueller investigation immediately is an abdication of the duties of his office.

Spoiler alert: neither of those things will happen.

The fate of those that have played fast and loose with our nation will be back in the hands of the people who are in the trenches, the voters. In November voters will be able to weigh in on all of it. I am placing my faith in the voters. What other choice do I have?