Another Unprecedented Trump Victory



President Donald Trump has made another unprecedented move on foreign policy
that should be applauded by everyone from all corners of the political universe. This
is true despite the din of blathering leftists all across the echo-chamber-media.
Trump has been able to push, pull and Tweet his way to a summit with Kim Jong-Un
the dictator of North Korea.
At first the naysayers chirped that Trump was out of control and had America on a
sure path to nuclear war with the North when he chided Kim as ‘Little Rocket Man’.
They went crazy when he Tweeted at Kim that he had a ‘bigger button’ and our
nuclear weapons actually work.
The left was knocked sideways when Kim unexpectedly offered President Trump a
summit back in March. Trump shocked them all when he accepted. Despite the
surprise and the change of tactics the critics remained dedicated to their verbal
attacks. The echo-chamber assured us that Trump could simply not succeed in such
a forum. They pointed out how many times North Korea has pulled a fast one with
The United States and said unequivocally Trump was not prepared for such serious
Apparently those outside of The White House failed to understand that this effort
began before Trump took the oath of office. The President was told from the
beginning that North Korea would be his biggest challenge on the world stage. With
that in mind he has been focused on this effort from the start. The addition of Mike
Pompeo as Secretary of State has also been a huge boost to the efforts that are being
undertaken. Rex Tillerson would not have been able to close this deal but Pompeo is
clearly the right man for the job.
However all of these advances that could finally bring about an actual peace
agreement that has been out of reach since 1953 are either ignored or drowned in a
sea of criticism. The left also ignores the real possibility that nuclear weapons could
be removed from the Korean Peninsula.
You have to ask yourself why? The answer is fairly straightforward from what I can
There are clearly those on the #NeverTrump bandwagon that are simply genetically
incapable of finding anything but fault with everything the President does. If Donald
Trump found a cure for cancer his loudest critics would point out how many in the
health care field would lose their jobs because of it. If Trump said it was lunchtime
his critics would cry about his indifference to those that are going to bed hungry.
Such is the state of politics today.
No matter the ongoing and relentless attacks on this President for not being like
other Presidents (which by the way is the point) Trump continues to plow forward
with a successful approach to a variety of issues that have left previous

administrations stymied. I don’t expect that to change but I do expect Trump to get
everything he wants out of North Korea.
Right now the clock is counting down to the historical first hand shake between
Trump and Kim and I have to wonder how the left will find fault with that?

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