A former nominee to be Attorney General under President Bill Clinton, Judge Kimba Wood is now dishing out strange justice to President Donald Trump, the man who beat Clinton’s wife in 2016. The screaming question is where is the recusal. Wood withdrew from being Clinton’s AG when it was learned that she had hired illegal aliens for child care in the 1980’s according The New York Times. The paper announced the failed nomination on February 5, 1993. Wood was the third AG nominee to wash out under Clinton in his first days in The White House.

Can you imagine if Trump had nominees fail at the rate Bill Clinton did. I mean who was the amateur politician?

Wood has now weighed in on one of the most controversial cases in recent memory ruling that the FBI can review files and electronic devices taken from the office of President Trump’s personal attorney Michael Cohen. In a truly unprecedented stunt, the FBI raided Cohen’s two offices, his apartment and a hotel where he has been staying while renovations were underway at the apartment.

Wood in effect upheld the controversial raid by telling Cohen and his attorneys along with lawyers for the President that she saw nothing wrong with what has transpired.

Many in the legal community including some high profile liberal Democrats have said the raid was a clear violation of the attorney client privilege and most understand it was a premeditated attempt by Bob Mueller to secure personal conversations between the President and his lawyer that he is not entitled to.

This is just the latest outrageous example of a sickening double standard being exercised by those who don’t really care about anything but taking down the President no matter what it takes.