I had a broadcast network ask me today what I thought of the Trump Presidency. They asked about his Administration and the President’s performance through his first year and a half or so in office. They also wanted to know what people in Michigan and the Midwest thought about Donald Trump so far.

I actually reflected on it for only a moment and arrived at the two words I believe may best describe The Presidents performance so far, ‘help wanted’. That is the sign I see just about everywhere these days. I see signs posted in grocery stores, bars, hair salons and on the sides of 18-wheelers rolling down the interstate. In fact the job market is so hot right now 14 states are at all time record low unemployment. The whole notion that somehow 2-percent annual growth is the “new-normal” is complete non-sense.

In Michigan it will take nearly 10,000 construction workers this year and every year in the foreseeable future to keep up with the demand. That’s right we are 10,000 construction workers short right now and that’s just for building roads, bridges and critical infrastructure. We will need tens of thousands more for commercial and residential construction projects. It seems pretty clear the former New York real estate developer has carpenters, plumbers, electricians, concrete workers, iron workers and just about every other skilled trade you can think of in very high demand and it’s getting stronger.

I have talked to several companies here in Michigan that are setting their sights on out of state talent to fill the jobs they need. I am talking about really good paying jobs. For example redi-mix drivers in Alpena can expect to start at $75,000 a year plus benefits and overtime. Residential construction foreman jobs are fetching $80,000 a year with a truck and tools thrown in for good measure.

The problem is a lot of folks in America went off and got degrees in a host of things that offered no real job opportunities but plenty of debt. It left us with a hole in the number of people we actually need to get things done.

Well here is the good news, we are going back to work and we are going back to work in record numbers. We don’t need hair-brained socialist schemes like those put forth by Bernie Sanders, what we need is to let President Trump continue to cut taxes, dump regulations and unleash the real power of the American economy. Right now it is gearing up for an incredible economic surge in 2018. That surge comes with the two words that I honestly believe describe his first term best; help wanted.