The United States Government is about to finish a $100 Billion Dollar deal started under the Obama Administration to “Award” Jeff Bezos and Amazon a $100 Billion dollar no-bid contract to create a new ‘IT cloud’ for The Department of Defense. This deal began under Obama and will be completed under the stewardship of General James ‘Mad Dog” Mattis and others in the Trump Administration.

The deeply frightening concern is this; Amazon will be locking up a roughly 70% monopoly on all data in America. Yes, all data and that goes well beyond the DoD. This is a highly irregular process that is “awarding” Amazon, which already controls 37.5% of all internet business, a lock on all data on all levels in The Defense Department. Unelected bureaucrats have created this deal in large part in the dark and it calls into question the motives of both Republicans and Democrats when it comes to what they are actually concerned with, your national security or their own ill-gotten wealth.

The deal, when completed, will put Jeff Bezos and his Amazon machine in charge of security at all levels of the United States Military from low level security clearance to the highest levels of national security. Sources are telling us the second part of this major development is that Bezos has refused to submit to a security clearance. Everyone else on the team was ok with that part but Bezos declined.

The obvious question if this is true is simply, why? Why would he not submit and why as we are led to believe would General Mattis, push his deal through anyway?

You should be asking yourself several questions at this point; why is Bezos in such a powerful position to force this to happen. One of the answers is he owns the Washington Post so he can feed the news cycle, plus with all of his enormous wealth he can pull the strings he needs to get this done. But ask yourself this disturbing question, what if he decides to sell Amazon and his entire company to say China or another country? Then who would be in charge of the US military IT department? Why is this a no-bid contract? The numbers reported in numerous other outlets puts this deal at about $5 Billion dollars but a closer look by those who know say it will ring up better than 20 times that much.

This is a major threat in my opinion to national security and something you should take seriously. This is something you should be asking your elected officials about. I can guarantee you I will be asking lots of questions.

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I’m told this $100 Billion Dollar deal is likely to be finalized in April.

Stay tuned- should be an interesting year.