The full-frontal attack on President Donald Trump by the Democrats and their openly hostile allies in the media on a daily and sometimes hourly basis is obscuring the fact that in the heartland of America where Trump powered his Electoral College victory in places like Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan Trump his movement is getting stronger. The Democrats are deluding themselves with the cries of “but Hillary won the popular vote” is worn-out along with all the other battle cries of ‘fake news’, the Russians did it or my personal favorite Trump won because of White supremacists.’

The herd mentality of the hard core alt-left and it’s cacophony of grievances is blocking out the hard truth that the message isn’t resonating anymore in traditional strongholds for the Democrats. The chanting in the streets and the swarming attacks on social media against the President may sooth those in need of a safe space and reassurance that they are still relevant but it’s actually suffocating the party once believed to be a champion of the little guy. The little guy has found a new champion it seems and the little guy is more interested in talking about who is getting a new job rather than whether or not another guy feeling like a woman should use the ladies room.

Democrats despite the relative popularity of Barack Obama through the end of his Presidency have stood witness to a crumbling of not only the so called “blue-wall” of the rust belt states but the disintegration altogether of the entire blue foundation of union workers, blue collar folks and working people across the nation that believe the party has abandoned them for things they don’t even understand let alone are willing to get behind on Election Day.

The traditional support from that so called blue-wall is more like a sandbar in a thunderstorm. The wind is getting stronger, the waves are getting higher and the rain is coming harder but still the Democrats cling to the notion that if they continue down the same path; if they continue to denigrate the President and those that voted for him and support his policies of America first, lower taxes, secure borders and rebuilding the economy; that they will somehow survive the storm and they will magically transform the unstable sand into bedrock. They are mistaken.

If they don’t figure out that the messages coming from privileged college kids to illegals in the streets demanding that those working class people pay-up for something they don’t think they owe then the Democratic Party is surely doomed.

Forgotten America stretches from the Allegheny Mountains to the Front Range of The Rockies; and from Charlotte to Miami to Tulsa there is a vast Democratic wasteland and except for a few bastions and left-leaning sanctuaries the nation has turned red and recesses of blue are becoming fewer and farther between. The Democrats in charge however are so blinded by their anger and their hate for the President they have failed to look beyond their singular focus to realize whilst they are attacking, their traditional supporters are walking away. Those that once trusted the Democrats to fight for their jobs and their families and their schools have become disenchanted. They see the Democrats fighting for identity politics, and bathrooms and people from other countries rather than those living in ordinary American neighborhoods.

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Over the past ten years those fights have given the Democrats the Presidency twice but beyond that they have been hammered at the polls. They have lost more than 1000 seats from Congress, to Governorships to State Houses. The collaspse has been spectacular and yet those running the party of Jefferson and Jackson seem oblivious to the oblivion they are headed for.

The Democrats have become a regional party focused on the West Coast and the Northeast. They are a party that is in decline, possibly in the throws of death but they are so blinded by rage on the fringe they don’t even realize how deep in peril they are. A brand new poll from Harvard-Harris found that the vast majority of Americans, 73 percent, want Democrats to work with President Trump to get things done. Only 27 percent thought the left should continue it’s so-called resistance movement and try to block the President at every move.

Ordinary Americans who go to work every day, or want to, are not interested in the daily ‘protests’ by what appears to them to be professional trouble makers, malcontents or just spoiled petulant children from privileged backgrounds. They don’t have the time, interest or patience to hear a daily recital of complaints for a litany of alleged issues with the President, the country and frankly them.

Americans that live in places like Circleville, Ohio, Manistee, Michigan, Peoria, Illinois or Belgrade, Montana simply have more important things to do and worry about than to join in with the so called Social Justice Warriors who sound and act more like street thugs declaring war on civilized society than anything else. Most Americans that live in these often overlooked, forgotten backwaters of the nation are more interested in a good school for their kids, a good paycheck for themselves and a good chance they will be safe most days.

People on Main Street are far more interested in looking out for veterans, poor kids and old folks that can’t make the light bill than they are about looking out for a rush of illegals at the border. Are they selfish? Are they bigots and xenophobes? No, they are ordinary people doing ordinary things like working their butts off hoping to make a good life for themselves and those around them. That doesn’t make them any of the nasty things people like Elizabeth Warren or Elijah Cummings calls them, it just means they don’t have the time between working, paying the bills, picking the kids up from school, getting groceries, doing the wash and ten thousand other things to give it much thought.

They are tired of being insulted that’s for sure.

These people in Forgotten America are hard working people that don’t want a hand out or a welfare check. They want a job and a chance to do things for themselves. They identify with Donald Trump’s form of flag waving patriotism and cheerleading. They believe in the greatness of America and are frankly sick and tired of hearing people on TV, in the movies and the radio put their country down. They are sick and tired of being blamed for everything the left says is wrong too. They are tired of being told it’s their fault because they had some alleged privilege.

Here is the bottom line. The Democrats have lost touch.

Instead of taking a close look at the message and why it’s failing in the majority of States, they are doubling down and cheering on the media despite the fact that even Democrats know the fix is in when it comes to news. The media has almost no credibility left and has it’s lowest approval ratings of my life. Yet, they too keep screaming that what they tell you matters, that they matter and if you don’t get that , well there is something wrong with you!

Yeah I’m not sure who thinks that’s a good message to go with.