It seems at least one Electoral College voter in three states Maine, Minnesota and Colorado tried to vote for Bernie Sanders rather than Hillary Clinton. Alternate voters who voted for Clinton quickly replaced all three. Another four in the state of Washington defected against Clinton. In the end it meant nothing.

It also meant that the whole idea that Donald Trump would be denied the White House by so called Hamilton Electors was in fact fake news at it’s best. It was a false flag story fueled by members of the media elite who hate Trump. It was nothing but another fanciful delusion by those that seem incapable of coming to terms with the simple fact that Donald Trump won the November 8th election. The truth is he won easily no matter what is spewed by the left. And he would win just as easily if everyone in California voted for Clinton and she won the ‘popular vote’ by 8 million or10 million or more.

Isn’t it interesting that once again that the media missed it and focused on electors who might abandon Donald Trump. It was all lies and nonsense. Was it just a fake news story or just another attempt to change the outcome?

In the end only two electors decided not to support Trump. Both came from Texas and it was an anomaly.

Once again there was far more discord on the Democratic side than on the GOP side and this seems to be part of a bigger pattern that the media is out of touch with ordinary Americans. The Democratic Party is in full collapse and free-fall.

If the elite media and far left leaders of the Democratic Party continue to flail in their embarrassing loss they will find the penalty in two years will be even worse. Hope is alive in the middle class and it is alive in America again and it is time to recognize Trump is the winner and is the 45th President of the United States.