Donald Trump spent the past 18 months running all over the country trying to become our next President. He met tens of thousands of people along the way and some of the people he knew could be instrumental in his future administration. No matter how hectic or how many fires he set with his rhetoric beginning in the middle of May he began to set aside some quite time on Sunday nights to make an important phone call. He was carefully planning his approach to Washington when he was President and he was certainly planning to win.

His Sunday night conversations covered a whole range of topics from ending Obamacare, The Supreme Court, jumpstarting the economy, cutting taxes, curbing over-regulation on business and keeping Americans safe at home and overseas. The long talks also gave the soon to be President the critical chance to develop a relationship with the one person that he would need for any future success. He began reaching out shortly after being introduced at the annual NRA meeting in Louisville, Kentucky. The Sunday night talks became a regular event running up to Election Day and the two men began to develop an understanding of each other and how they would be able to work together to address the last eight years with Barack Obama in the White House. More importantly they began to map out what a Trump Administration would be able to accomplish in the critical first 100 days.

Trump made the calls during tough periods on the trail. He’d call to get advice about strategies and key issues. Trump made the calls when there was good news too like when polls showed a tightening in the race with just a few days left. The two were becoming friends it seems.

One was a political novice and the other a seasoned veteran battle tested on the frontlines, in the trenches and behind the scenes. Both men have been on the receiving end of tremendous criticism from those on the right and the left on occasion. Both are also survivors. Donald Trump is the ultimate outsider and the other man has been an insider for decades and they both knew they would need each other a lot if Trump pulled off the incredible upset on November 8th.

Trump also knew he could help getting the Republican National Committee to mobilize it’s vast resources to help him win. Despite some pushback, his new friend’s considerable clout is serious and so were his demands. The help soon began to flow in. In fact many would argue the RNC field operation turned the tide in key races like Florida.

By the time Election Day was getting close both men began looking forward to the Sunday Night calls. They rarely mentioned each other in public but in private they were laying the very important groundwork of running America. Pundits and broadcasters didn’t give Trump much of a chance but he knew things were going his way and his friend did too. They both knew it was going to be close.

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Donald Trump went to New York to watch the returns with his family and his new friend went home to his in Kentucky. Mitch McConnell has been traveling to Washington as the Senior Senator from the Blue Grass State for 32 years and as the Majority leader since last January. McConnell has also earned a reputation of being ruthless at getting things done.

When Trump ran up the score and picked up 306 Electoral Votes McConnell was ready to get rolling. On Wednesday during a press conference he said Obamacare would be one of the first priorities of the new administration. He knew what he was talking about because he has been talking to the President Elect on Sunday nights for months now. The plan had already been put in place. Now it is time to execute.

I think this is great news.

I find it reassuring to know that Donald Trump, despite the nearly endless attacks he has endured from the media, Hillary Clinton, the press and others he was on task, learning and preparing to lead. I am glad he spent his time talking to Mitch McConnell and I’m glad they took the time to get acquainted.

I hope the pair continues their Sunday night talks. I think it is best for all of us.