I have watched this unusual campaign season with an almost morbid curiosity at times. I have watched as newspapers plead with what few readers they have left to listen to their advice, to heed their harsh warnings. The papers are begging for relevance when in fact it is the very nature of their leftist editorial boards that long ago wrote their death certificates. The very ideas they champion is heralding their demise.

People are frankly sick of their holier-than-thou, we-are-certainly-smarter-than-you attitude. We have had it. As a result, we are fleeing to more honest news outlets to be found in dozens of places on the internet. We have decided we are willing to do the research and do the hard work to discover the truth for ourselves rather than rely on the openly biased rags that today are a mere shell of once proud newsrooms.

In my hometown, the local paper has often been derided as the ‘leftist state journal’ and much worse lately by thousands of people that are not interested in daily lectures and finger wagging on issues of social justice and politically correct swill. Papers around the nation, the respective editors and reporters, few as there may be still fancy themselves as the conscience of the nation. They are truly deranged and in a major state of denial.

Circulation of these cesspools of yellow journalism is collapsing almost daily with paper after paper pulling the plug and going out of business. They all point to computers and smart phones as the source of the bleeding. There is a lot of truth to that but the real damage are the hemorrhaging self-inflicted wounds resulting from self-righteousness and radical far left views being espoused by these papers all over America.

The Dallas Morning News is one of the papers in the throws of death for embracing the Grim Reaper of relativity by embracing and then endorsing Hillary Clinton for President. The paper proclaimed itself the seer and the sage of wisdom. The lowly serfs however didn’t seem to understand their role in the whole process and revolted. Within days the paper was chasing tens of thousands of subscribers that cancelled their subscriptions and fled the biased printed page. The paper was suddenly slashing prices and offering home delivery at less than half of what it was the day before the endorsement of the most dishonest politician in modern American history. It was too late. The Dallas Morning News will soon become another footnote in the encyclopedia of arrogance.

Other once proud papers lowered the newsroom standards to the point of endorsing Libertarian Gary Johnson. One such paper the Detroit News defended it’s decision as moral and proper. I’d certainly like to see that grading scale. The op-ed editor Nolan Finley told me today he knows “Hillary Clinton will be the worst President in American history” but it’s better than voting for Trump. Seems to me Gary Johnson may have been sharing from his stash.

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What is exceptionally outrageous and infuriating is the condescension flowing from these former institutions of integrity and truth. They for the most part have become nothing more than extensions of one political party, the Democratic Party. And they look upon anyone who disagrees with their Socialist-Marxist approach of massive government expansion and oversight on every single citizen as the comments of blathering idiots. The left has denigrated everything that those in the center or on the right care about. Well almost everything but make no mistake the churches in America will be the next target for the ‘tolerant left.’ Hide your bibles because those books are filled with ‘hate-speech’ I can assure you.

The left chastises those who are people of faith (well except when they use black churches for photo-ops in election years) they insult those that believe in self-protection and self-preservation by way of gun ownership. The left makes fun of ‘stay at home moms’ right up until they need their votes and then throw some ‘free’ government ‘benefits’ on the table to buy the off. A massive electronic media that parrots the left-wing messages of alleged ‘tolerance’ and ‘diversity’ props it all up.  Which of course is nothing more than a false flag they use to gut America’s institutions and standards; standards like respecting the flag, the national anthem and honest to God patriotism. They champion abortion over life and put refugee’s needs and concerns in front of the needs and concerns of the citizens that already live here. Most notably they put illegal aliens concerns before the concerns of America’s veterans.

What is shocking is that when America is finally fed up and had enough and nominates someone who places this nation above all others- the papers and their editors start coming apart at the seams. Populism is called racism, Patriotism is attacked as xenophobia and hard work is denigrated as selfish and self-serving.

The latest and the most vile attack on Americans that the left considers ignorant or racist or homophobic or xenophobic or whatever the thought-crime of the day is, to the point of being irredeemable; comes ironically from a paper called USA Today. The paper condemns Donald Trump in it’s editorial out today as unfit to be President and in it’s blistering critique condemns half of the nation. It is a despicable move and one that frankly goes too far.

In it’s editorial the paper indicts anyone who will not vote for the criminally inclined Hillary Clinton or will not cast a wasted vote for the likes of marijuana-obsessed globally illiterate Gary Johnson, or radical ding-bat earth first activist Jill Stein. Anyone who votes for Donald Trump is just wrong.

And lets be perfectly honest, it certainly isn’t just the newspapers. The TV networks and their radio counterparts are also doing their level best to destroy Trump. Journalism be damned.

Trump must be doing pretty well. I mean the left is in full-on panic right now. Are they that worried that Hillary’s actual emails may hit the streets some day soon? Will we finally learn that she gave the stand down order in Benghazi or that she did in fact take cash for consideration at the State Department? I’m not sure but it’s clear they sure are worried. Julian Assange better watch his back whether he is inside the embassy or not.

I know a lot of very smart people that are voting for Donald Trump. I know doctors, lawyers, teachers, engineers, IT specialists, plumbers, electricians, men, women, straight, gay, black, white, young, old, short, tall, thin and yes even some fat ones that all intend to vote for Donald Trump. Some really identify with his tough views on immigration and trade. Others are so disgusted with Hillary Clinton they see no other alternative. Still others are deeply concerned that Clinton would push the Supreme Court into a place that will make recent rulings on Obamacare, gay marriage and immigration seem very tame by comparison. There are those that think a 65% tax on the dead is outright theft, others say without stopping the flood of illegals we are doomed. Of course there are many who think the economy is in bad shape and cannot fathom the idea of another $1.5 Trillion dollars in new taxes. There are some really smart people voting for Donald Trump. There are a whole host of Phd’s that appear on this show regularly that I can count among them. Every single person I know that has ever served in the military is voting for him. Every single member of law enforcement that I know is voting for him.

Yet USA Today finds it appropriate to denigrate each and every one of these people. ‘Give up the Constitution’ might as well be the headline. Is there anyone who really believes Hillary Clinton will appoint a judge to the Supreme Court that will respect the Second Amendment or frankly the first for that matter? If you do, I can guarantee you are deluding yourself.

I have on many occasions bought USA Today while traveling through airports and faraway streets but I never will again. Never. I find the condescending editorial to be so powerfully wretched as to make me want to vomit profusely.

I will no longer subject myself to headlines proclaiming we are in imminent peril because of tenuous and unproven theories about the global climate or that celebrate coddled athletes sitting down and disrespecting our flag and those that have fought to defend it. I will not put money into the pockets of those that denigrate success in America by labeling them as the pejorative one-percenters even though have never done anything wrong.

I would rather live dangerously and free that in the safety of a government cage. To be truly safe you’d need to be in prison.

Live free or die my friends- trust your own instincts and vote for the person you think has the best interests of this great nation in mind more often than not. Do not be shamed into doing anything but the right thing for you. Stand tall and be strong.

As I always say, keep the faith!