Donald Trump left political pundits with their mouths hanging open today when he took the unusual step of accepting an invitation from the President of Mexico and flew there for a private meeting today. Those obvious left wing commentators that call themselves journalists were scrambling all day trying to find something anything to discredit him on his trip. They were reaching for anything and it was actually embarrassing for them.

I watched a few reporters like Washington Post Assistant Editor David Swerdlick admit the truth about what a miraculous event in politics we witnessed today. Swerdlick even went as far as to deflect Wolf Blitzer on CNN on the question of who pays for the wall with Mexico. Blitzer tried all afternoon to make it an issue and Swerdlick to his credit was having none of it. “Look,  Trump is going to stick by his pledge to make Mexico build the wall and obviously if you’re the President of Mexico you can’t cave into that but I think Donald Trump got exactly what he wanted out of this meeting he gets to now say I’m a businessman I’m not a regular politician, I see a problem I fire up the jet I go down and say lets talk about it, I think this is of (great benefit) for Donald Trump.” He was right and he was being honest about a great day for Trump.

Trump laid out five points while debunking most of the nasty things said about him by the left and their cohorts in the media. Trumps five points would benefit both The United States and Mexico he said and it appeared that Mexican President Nieta agreed with him on the list.

Trump’s 5 points:

1) End illegal immigration

2) Secure the southern border

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3) Dismantle and destroy drug cartels

4) Improve and update NAFTA

5) Keep jobs/wealth and prosperity in US/Mexico

This was a game changer in the election of 2016. I know because the Democrats and their TV allies wouldn’t be going crazy trying to find anything to try to knock the wind out of Trumps sails if it wasn’t such a slam dunk. Hillary Clinton was also invited to Mexico but hasn’t even responded. She won’t. It is simply far too risky to follow Trump south of the border. If for any reason it wasn’t seen as good as Trumps run to the border it could be a disaster and secondly she would be seen as a follower and not a leader. It certainly would not look Presidential the way Trump did on the podium today.

Which leads to the next obvious move:

Take the ridiculous racism card being dragged around by Hillary Clinton and worse, her VP running mate Tim Kaine and flush it down the toilet where it belongs. No matter what is being said about Trump only hard core haters can pull anything negative out of this trip to the Presidential Palace on Constitution Boulevard in Mexico City. Like it or not, Donald Trump looked like President Trump and for the first time in a long time he has won a couple days on the campaign trail back to back while Hillary Clinton is slipping in the polls. The LA Times has Trump leading by more than 3 points now and most other polls have Clintons lead down to about 3 points in her favor. Boy what a difference a few days can make.

In fact Trump’s trip to Mexico could prove to be a seminal moment in this years campaign. Who would have thought a few weeks ago or even two days ago that Donald Trump and Mexican President Enrique Nieto would stand on the podium together and find common ground, as both said they did on issues like the border wall, NAFTA, drugs and poverty. Wow.

While Hillary Clinton is in the Hamptons and Hollywood looking for more piles of campaign cash Donald Trump is Louisiana helping flood victims, he is in Mexico City discussing illegal immigration and deadly drug cartels then in a couple of days he is headed for Detroit to talk with black Americans directly about failed liberal policies and what can actually be done to revitalize, reinvigorate and reinvent America’s urban wastelands. He has proven over and over to be fearless of facing his critics and going straight to the people to talk directly about the things they truly care about.

News flash: Mexican President claims he told Trump Mexico ‘would not’ pay for border wall. That was the big ‘headline’ flashing across the screens of left leaning networks by late afternoon. Well, I guess if that is the best you’ve got then you better go with it but make no mistake the take away for millions of Americans today is that Donald Trump may just deserve their vote afterall.

After his big day in Mexico he wasn’t done and he headed back north across the border to deliver a major policy speech on the cornerstone topic of his campaign- illegal immigration.

Donald Trump won the day- now we will see if he can win the night too.