Donald Trump came out of the convention in Cleveland with a 7 or 8 point bounce but that has all be evaporated. The only poll he still leads is from the Los Angeles Times where it is down to an insignificant 1 point.

A new Fox poll has him down by 10. I too am a skeptic of many of these polls especially after we learned that Reuters went back and changed their numbers after showing Trump with a 5-point lead.

However it seems that Trump cannot seem to foresee the landmines laid in front of him by opportunistic Democrats. They know he can’t resist firing back when he gets attacked. That was the entire plan of Khzir Khan who used a very staged speed at the DNC to attack Trump for never sacrificing when his own son, a Muslim was killed while fighting for the United States in Iraq in 2004. Make no mistake Khan knew what the game was more than 12 years after his son was killed and then buried at Arlington National Cemetery. What they failed to tell you was that Khan is an attorney specializing in getting Muslims into the country.

Trump however seems to return over and over to places and battles he doesn’t need to be. Today he was back re-hashing the whole Megyn Kelly dust up. Why?

He needs to laser focus on two things, two. The economy and terrorism are the only talking pints he needs to know. If he hammers away at those two things and avoids the traps being laid by Democrats and their willing cohorts in the National Media- he can turn this thing around.

The email scandals will continue to deliver free gifts to Trump. Illegal ransom payments to Iran, leaked emails and a meltdown at the DNC will continue but Trump needs to shut his mouth long enough for the media to talk about something besides his inflammatory comments aimed at Gold Star families or Senator John McCain or not endorsing Paul Ryan. These are all needless distractions that keep the meltdown of the Democratic Party out of the headlines and Trumps reckless comments front and center.

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Donald Trump can win this thing and win it big. But he needs to get his act together and focus on what Americans really need and really need to hear; jobs and security. Otherwise Trump is blowing an election he can win by staying on message.