It sounds like something out of a high stakes dime novel, stealing an election through high tech cyber routes. Pushing the nation to the brink of anarchy by nullifying the votes of millions and tossing the nation into chaos.

Well today the Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson said his agency is working to protect the nation against cyber attacks that could throw the results of the upcoming November elections. He says the Obama administration is weighing a variety of steps to increase cyber security in the wake of the DNC email scandal that has so far cost four top level officials their jobs including Debbie Wasserman Shultz, the now former chair. The hackers got ahold of tens of thousands of emails before they made their way to Julian Assange and Wikileaks. Nearly 20,000 private emails were subsequently released showing racist, sexist and anti- gay bias in the Democratic Party but it ultimately showed the primary contest between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders was tilted in favor of Clinton from the beginning.

But what if hackers were able to take that one step further and actually dictate or more accurately fabricate the results of elections in America? What if nefarious agents from political parties or foreign countries were able to infiltrate enough electronic voting booths to change the outcome of races all the way from the state level to the race for President? It really isn’t that far fetched even though we have been told for years it couldn’t happen.

We were also told cholesterol causes heart attacks, artificial sweeteners were safe and that Anna Nicole married for love. Yeah- I went there.

SO give this a little conspiracy theory thinking. What if there are hackers detected messing with voting machines in critical places like Florida, Pennsylvania or Ohio. What if it’s clear that the results were skewed and that the hack likely changed the outcome of the election? That would be the perfect scenario for the tinfoil hat crowd to see their long-predicted American Apocalypse occur when President Obama would declare the election null and void- requiring him to remain in office and in power ordained under his own executive order until a new election could be set and carried out in a fashion that he would approve.

Now you’re sitting there weighing that ‘crazy ass idea’ in your mind. At first you dismissed it out of hand but right about now you thinking that isn’t so far fetched after all. The American public and the world for that matter has been fed a steady diet of identity theft, DNC hackers, private email dumps and much more. It would be fairly easy to sell the idea of a ‘rigged election’ in the wake of Donald Trumps nearly daily pronouncements of that notion.

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It really would be the perfect story to sell to a vulnerable public that America had been ‘attacked’ by Russia or some other straw-man villain so the team in Washington could remain there with even more enhanced powers. I mean if we were hacked and our elections ‘stolen’ by an alleged foreign government it would certainly be cause for enhanced surveillance and maybe even cause for check lanes, strict curfews and martial law.

I know it’s perfectly ridiculous that such a thing could ever be perpetrated on the American people but then again, this administration and this government would have you believe that pallet loads of cash arrived in Iran by a wild coincidence and had nothing to do with it being a ransom payment for the four Americans released at the same time. This is a government that would have you believe the former Secretary of States husband, a former President himself, met the sitting Attorney General on an airport runway completely by accident just a few days before deciding not to file charges against his wife for blatant disregard of federal law in the handling of sensitive and top secret American intelligence over more than 4 years. This is a government that would have you believe; that despite overwhelming evidence that it ran guns from Libya to terrorists in Syria and when they were about to get caught they let the man running the whole operation, a US Ambassador get killed, that those deaths were about a video that no one ever saw. This is an administration that would have you believe that running guns over the Mexican border by drug dealers and violent gang members is an accident. This is a government that would have you believe there just isn’t any way to secure that border either.

Now you’re sitting there wondering, could Barack Obama really be that devious?

You think about it and let me know.