A Canadian professor and energy expert is predicting that Michigan residents and others in the United States could see their electric bills skyrocket in the next five years if coal fired power plants continue to get shut down.

Professor Tom Harris, the Executive Director of the International Climate Science Coalition (ICSC) says where he lives in Ontario as a direct result of shutting down coal fired power plants, his monthly bill for electricity has gone up 318% already with more increases on the way. “Michigan will soon see similar increases if the Environmental Protection Agency and the federal government continue to pursue their climate change agenda,” he said during The Steve Gruber Show.

Harris also remarked that using natural gas to generate power is foolish because natural gas is a very specialized fuel that works far batter in other applications. “Stationary coal fired power plants are far better suited to make electricity than any other fuel.”

America and especially states like Michigan that rely on coal for a considerable amount of electricity will suffer more because of these reckless policies.