For years alleged climate scientists and their more grossly exaggerated and alleged 97% agreement among colleagues have argued that man made climate change would soon be destroying the planet. They have been screaming that we must stop using so called fossil fuels, stop producing goods, limit large farms, in fact end western style capitalism or we will forever be doomed.

One of the harbingers of our spiral into catastrophic disaster they told us would be the death of the great bears of the north, Ursus maritimus. Polar bears we were told would be among the first to surrender to the relentless march of our man made apocalypse. The Polar Bears would become victims of receding sea ice, warming seas, ever more frequent and violent storms, changing seal populations and it’s numbers would soon plummet.

Yeah, that’s what they said. (this is where I would yawn and scratch myself)

Well, good news, they were wrong. In fact they were very, very wrong. Not only are Polar Bears not in trouble their numbers are soaring according to the Inuit’s and other native people who live in the far north. Scientists now peg the Polar Bear numbers at 25,000. Some say that number is likely very conservative. (something I can certainly respect)

One outspoken critic of the predictions made by the United States Fish and Wildlife Service is veteran zoologist Dr. Susan Crockford who argues much of the hysteria is driven by those trying to secure government funding. She openly ridicules plans put forth by the FWS to address supposed threats to Polar Bears. “It’s still based on the same flawed ecological premise as all previous models – it assumes that sea ice was a naturally stable habitat until human-caused global warming came along,” Crockford wrote. “It also uses slight-of-hand maneuvers to correlate declining summer sea ice and declining polar bear population numbers.”

“What the report does is assure the FWS funds, over the next five years, to continue spreading alarm regarding greenhouse gases, continue their current and planned polar bear subsistence harvest management plans, and make additional plans to deal with polar bear problems that may or may not arise,” Crockford concluded.

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So there, just like I’ve been telling you for years, Polar Bears are doing just fine. You have been un-warned.