It seems that in America 2014 the number one enemy of the people at least those of color, if you believe the national news media is the police themselves.

Let me assure you from experience I am quite confident that how you conduct yourself will almost always dictate what happens next when involved with law enforcement. That basic premise is true if you’re getting written up for a traffic ticket or whatever your entanglement, as some of mine were lets say a little more complicated. I say here that I chalk all of my indiscretions up to youthful exuberance and a bit of poor judgment when I was young.

If Michael Brown, who had robbed a convenience store and was being sought for arrest had submitted to officer Darren Wilson he would be alive today. The death of Eric Garner is a lot more complicated. Garner was pulled down by police officers for selling ‘loose cigarettes’ on a New York street corner. Garner refused to allow police to handcuff him and one officer put his arm around his neck into a choke hold. He later died.

Should a man die for a petty crime? Of course not, but lets remember he was committing a crime and resisted arrest.

At the end of the day BOTH black and white suspects die when fighting back against police officers. Behavior has consequences.

As a result of the reckless behavior and rhetoric of Al Sharpton, Barack Obama and other race merchants police officers may well become Public Enemy Number One.

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