In the quest to make maleness illegal and destroy any distinction between men and women the radical progressive left has entered into our restrooms. Funny how the left screams about Republicans being in their bedrooms and wombs in the imaginary war on women but have no qualms whatsoever in invading the restroom and demanding gender neutrality in the toilet.

In places like The Peoples Republic of California elementary aged ‘transgender’ kids are being granted permission to use whatever restrooms they want. Absurd I realize as a 5 year old should have no clue about sexuality to speak of but the left assures us that little kids understand their gayness. Uh huh- kids that believe in Santa Clause and the Tooth Fairy understand adult sexual behavior and desires? Sure they do.

At any rate with this in mind I think we should just jump to the next logical conclusion with regards to the public toilet. It is time to eliminate the urinal after all it is a blatant symbol of sexism and demeaning to the LGBT community in general. It should simply be outlawed immediately. Can you imagine how many gay and transgendered kids in elementary schools alone could suffer irrevocable emotional damage by just seeing a device that openly accepts and promotes that boys and girls are different?

While we are at it I think all public restroom should be gender neutral and open to anyone.

How dare I stand up when urinating!