I guess I am no longer surprised by the behavior of the Obama administration when it comes to not just ignoring the Constitution but setting it on fire. I am disgusted but sadly not surprised.

This administration has decided Congress itself is a quaint idea that really has no actual function or relevance. President Obama has announced time and again that he will do whatever it takes to do what he thinks is right using his pen and phone. He will make policy by executive action and American law, the citizens, and the Constitution be damned!

Just when I thought it couldn’t get any worse I am blown back in my chair. Obama wants the Federal Communications Commission to put ‘researchers’ in the newsrooms of newspapers, television networks and yes radio stations. They explain it is to ‘better understand’ how news decisions are made and whether minority viewpoints are getting enough coverage. What?

Let’s call it for what it is; thought police in the newsroom to control and contain what is said, written and broadcast.

I thought today that the EPA was the most onerous emerging threat to our liberty in this nation. I may have been wrong. Very wrong. The FCC and the Obama thought police are far more dangerous.

It is no secret that the progressives in this country have a deep seated hatred for the Second Amendment and do not believe you and I have the right to keep and bear arms for any reason. The left truly believes the Second Amendment must be eradicated. The elimination of private ownership of firearms is paramount to their perverse and collective world view.

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With that in mind I have warned that if the Second Amendment falls the First Amendment is soon to follow. It appears that President Obama is a little panicked. You see the clock is running out on him and his radical Marxist friends to destroy the American experiment. So here come the thought police in an effort to quickly control what we are allowed to hear, see and read. I am sure they have sweaty palms and elevated heart rates realizing the November elections are quite close and could really change everything.

This is a very real and very dangerous threat to each and every one of us. Make no mistake they don’t care what you think. They are quite convinced they are much smarter than the rest of us and should control everything we do.

You have been warned!