I have been gone to a very remote part of the United States, leading a group of Boy Scouts on a spectacular adventure—more on that later.

Being without service for a while, I returned to learn that what I have been suggesting to you for the past several weeks is exactly right: Joe Biden appears to have Parkinson’s Disease, and it has all blown up while I was in the digital dark.

The updated headline is that a Parkinson’s expert has visited the White House 10 times over the past year—10 times! This tells me the Parkinson’s diagnosis was on the money.

What does that mean about the Democrats—those who know Joe Biden, his inner circle, and the First Lady?

Well, it clearly means they all repeatedly lied and knew what they were doing—there isn’t any wiggle room here.

And worse, the media all played along because they knew as well. It’s why Attorney General Merrick Garland is flat-out snubbing a Congressional subpoena and refusing to turn over the audio tapes of Special Counsel Robert Hur’s interview with President Biden.

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That tape is the smoking gun. Hur declined to pursue any charges because Joe Biden is not competent to stand trial or be President of the United States.

That is the cold, hard truth.

But that is not what they all said. They told you how sharp and probing Joe Biden is behind closed doors—that is a lie.
They told you Joe Biden was fine when they knew he was not well at all. In fact, he is in rapid decline, and yet they lied to you when they all knew he was not capable of continuing.

This is a giant scandal, but you knew before almost everyone else because I told you it was quite possibly a form of Parkinson’s that comes with debilitating dementia that can leave the President unable to deal with a crisis—large or small.

KJP had to admit that neurologists visited the White House, which is a small admission but huge given how Joe’s people have discussed his health thus far.

Despite this, Joe Biden made it clear yesterday that he is in the race to stay and the champion of elder abuse. The faux Doctor Jill Biden is all on board—pushing her diminished husband to stay in the race even though he likely could not make himself a sandwich on most days.

But as I said, he is not going to leave, and he even called into the wildly biased Morning Joe, ranting about his ability to win the election and daring anyone to challenge him at the convention.

Yeah, angry and defiant. Those, by the way, are symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. So are the frozen faces and the thousand-yard stare with his mouth hanging open.

I am not here to make light of the illness—this kind of disease is progressive and can advance quickly. That is what we are seeing in real time, and it puts this country in a very dangerous place.

Just as guilty as Jill Biden, Kamala Harris, Jake Sullivan, John Kirby, and Antony Blinken are in allowing this compromised President to continue is the corporate media.
They let it all slide. In fact, what they did was worse.
They refused to vet Joe Biden at all in 2020.
Right now, I believe Joe Biden’s decline was already on display during that campaign—and his symptoms were coming out back then. Instead of doing its job, the media attacked Donald Trump relentlessly while Biden was kept in his basement and out of sight.

You see, the mainstream media and people like Chuck Todd, Joe Scarborough, Mika Brezinski, and others hated Donald Trump more than they loved America or wanted to do their jobs. If they did their job, Joe Biden would have been destroyed by 20 million votes—far more than could have been manufactured or gamed.
That is all changing. The media is deciding that now is the time to get tough on the administration. Too little, too late.

So what does that mean? In the short run, we have a very dangerous situation because our enemies all know how weak Biden is, making us vulnerable.

It also means that change is coming to America because the damage of the June 27 debate is not going away—it’s over. Poll numbers are dropping for the party nationwide.

But that isn’t the worst of it. Not for Democrats in tight House and Senate races. According to MSNBC, the overall US political climate has shifted six points to the GOP since 2020.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump will focus on campaigning and letting the Democrats collapse—it’s a good plan.

Next week, he should lay out a vision for America that is positive and forward-thinking—forget about Joe Biden for a moment and consider what is best for the 335 million Americans who want to move forward.