In a stunning (because Dems don’t like guns OR the first amendment) unanimous decision, the Supreme Court has thrown its weight behind the National Rifle Association (NRA) in a First Amendment battle protecting advocacy groups from governmental bullying. This ruling is a monumental win for those who cherish their right to free speech and assembly as well as their gun rights.

NRA lawsuit can continue.

The decision breathes new life into the NRA’s lawsuit against former New York official Maria Vullo, accused of strong-arming financial institutions to ditch the NRA after the Parkland shooting in 2018. Previously, a lower court had brushed off the NRA’s complaints, but now, the high court says, “Not so fast!”

ACLU a surprising ally for the NRA and our constitutional rights.

With the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) stepping in as their unexpected champion, the NRA argued that Vullo, in her role as the head honcho of the New York Department of Financial Services, wielded her regulatory clout to blacklist them.

According to the NRA, Vullo issued not-so-subtle “guidance” to banks and insurance companies to cut ties with the NRA, dangling the carrot of regulatory leniency for those who played ball. The NRA cried foul, calling it an unconstitutional gag attempt.

Censorship and targeting: the Democrat way.

David Cole, the ACLU’s national legal guru, told the Supreme Court that government officials can’t just use their power to gag political adversaries. “Today’s decision confirms that government officials have no business using their regulatory authority to blacklist disfavored political groups,” he declared.

Even Democratic Justice Sonia Sotomayor surprisingly echoed this sentiment in her opinion, stressing that discrimination based on viewpoint is toxic to a free and democratic society.

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The court’s decision suggests Vullo’s alleged actions could indeed be seen as a brazen move to stifle the NRA’s free speech. This unanimous ruling drives home the message that government power should never be weaponized against groups based on their views (someone please tell that to the Biden administration!)

This case sparked some strange bedfellows, with the ACLU, often at odds with the NRA, defending the NRA to protect the broader principle of free speech for all. This unlikely alliance highlights the case’s broader implications for any group facing government intimidation.

Another abuse of power by NY – surprise surprise (not).

William A. Brewer III, the NRA’s legal eagle, celebrated the decision as a victory for all Americans who cherish the First Amendment. He pointed to the ruling as a smackdown against New York officials’ abuse of power to silence a political foe, underlining the critical need to protect freedoms that define the nation.

On the flip side, Neal Katyal, who represented Vullo, was less than thrilled. He insisted Vullo’s actions were merely legitimate government speech and enforcement of New York insurance laws. Katyal argued that the accusations against Vullo were flimsy and denied any coercion or retaliation.

This landmark ruling emphasizes the Supreme Court’s commitment to protecting free speech for all advocacy groups, regardless of political views – reaffirming the First Amendment’s role as a shield against governmental overreach. Hopefully the case will end in a manner that safeguards our constitutional rights.