In the grand political arena, the Democrats are lacing up their cleats and taking a swing at the electoral ballpark with a strategy straight out of left(ist) field: illegal aliens casting ballots.

Georgia SOS says “no way” on Democrat plan to let illegals vote in elections.

Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger blew the whistle on this not-so-secret play during a recent appearance on “Just the News, No Noise.” According to Raffensperger, Democrats are practically salivating at the prospect of noncitizens voting, aiming to stack the deck against the GOP. Or as Democrats like to call them…newcomers.

And folks, it already looks like Biden will start with a three-million vote head start from the get-go as I reported earlier.

Stacey Abrams, unsurprisingly, is one of the culprits behind trying to allow illegals to vote.

In Georgia, Democrats have been caught with their hand in the ballot box, trying to dismantle the state’s citizenship verification process. This is the sturdy gatekeeper ensuring only U.S. citizens get to vote in Georgia’s elections. But surprise, surprise, the left-wing brigade, led by groups founded by Stacey Abrams (shocking, I know!), want to tear down this gate and let the masses rush in, documented or not.

Georgia actually checks for citizenship in voting process. What a novel concept!

Georgia’s system currently cross-references voter registrations with the Department of Driver Services to confirm citizenship. You know – because it makes sense. If there’s any doubt about a voter’s citizenship, the would-be voter has 26 months to prove they’re legit, or else their application gets the boot. It’s a stringent process, yet Democrats wanted it axed, likely hoping to slip a few thousand illegal aliens through the cracks.

Raffensperger laid out the Democrats’ game plan, encouraging other states to block these attempts. “You need to stop it, and you need to stop it now,” he urged, like a coach rallying his team in the locker room. He highlighted Abrams’ 2018 gubernatorial campaign where she hinted at a “blue wave” buoyed by such illegal aliens.

Letting illegals vote is a Democratic strategy that they will never let go of.

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The Democrats’ desire to expand the electorate isn’t just a Georgia phenomenon. It’s part of a broader strategy to tilt the electoral field in their favor. And why wouldn’t they try when there’s usually no one around to stop them? So far, they’ve got California, Maryland, Vermont, and Washington D.C. allowing noncitizens to vote in local elections. It’s quite frankly disgusting.

Meanwhile, saner states like Alabama and Arizona are amending their constitutions to keep noncitizens out of the voting booth. It’s a tug-of-war, with our elections hanging in the balance.

Democrats and their allies claim that our criticism of their illegal alien voting strategy is all smoke and mirrors – as they usually do when they get caught doing reprehensible things. Rep. Joe Morelle of NY and Rep. Terri Sewell of Alabama argue that noncitizen voting is a phantom menace, a straw man to blame when Trump loses again in 2024.

According to Morelle, the GOP is preemptively crafting the next “big lie” by alleging that illegal voting will be the reason for their defeat. It’s a convenient narrative for the Dems, one that frames Republicans as paranoid and out of touch instead of ignoring the idiocy and un-American policies that the Democrats are forcing on LEGAL citizen the United States.

Yes, we’ve discovered what they are doing.

Yet the numbers paint a different picture. Or in other words: the truth. Thousands of noncitizens have either been discovered on voter rolls or prevented from registering in various states over the years. From Chicago to Maricopa County, Arizona, the pattern is clear. Even Texas, with its robust audit system, found nearly 12,000 potential noncitizens registered to vote. But sure, let’s keep pretending this isn’t a real issue.

Democrats’ push for noncitizen voting is more than just a controversial tactic; it’s a Hail Mary pass in the political Super Bowl. And they’re playing to win.

They’re banking on this influx of illegal alien votes to tip the scales, hoping to sweep elections with a tidal wave of new voters who owe their voting rights to the party of leniency, loopholes and freebie handouts. That’s why their party, with loads of help from the Biden administration, has been allowing unchecked immigration at the border and will continue to do so as long as they are able to.