The leader of the Chinese Communist Party, who routinely “disappears” anyone who disagrees with anything he or the party orders, showed up in San Francisco yesterday. The streets were lined with Chinese flags—it was embarrassing to look at.

American flags were almost nowhere to be found—it looked more like Nanking than the city by the bay.

And you have to wonder—just how far under Xi Jinping’s foot is Joe Biden?

We all know by now that millions of dollars flowed out of the communist nation and into the bank accounts of Biden family members and their associates—we know that it went on for years.

And while Chi Comms are coming to tear down Western civilization—Joe Biden was counting his money and playing footsies with the very people who are now spending billions to manipulate what Americans and others around the world think.

The CCP uses new tools like AI to produce propaganda to influence elections and promote socialism as a good thing when it is just one small leap away from the tyranny of communism. That is the master plan of Xi and the Chi-Comms—topple America no matter what the cost—cast the US Constitution as a relic of days long since passed to stamp out individual freedom in the name of justice and the party.

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Always the party.

And why on earth would I think that the American President is either in on it, oblivious to it, or maybe some combination of the two?
Well—let’s figure it out together.

Back in 2019, he went out of his way to proclaim that China isn’t a threat at all. In fact, they are our friends!

I am embarrassed for Joe Biden. But more so, I am embarrassed for you and me. This is our country—this is not a country of parties but one of respect for the individual who can work as they see fit, earn a living, raise a family, pray, and worship however they want or not at all.

China is the antithesis of freedom. China crushes the individual and destroys the idea of private property. Remember what the WEF said—you will own nothing, and you will be happy—it’s all part of Agenda 2030.

A major piece of the plan is flooding Europe and the United States with illegal aliens from the poorest nations on earth to overrun our entire system. Sadly, Joe Biden and his socialist cronies are letting it happen. No, they are actually encouraging it to happen while lying about it completely.

And for those who have consumed far too much of the Kool-Aid, I am afraid it’s just too late because they have actually begun to believe the invasion of our country by millions of people, much of it financed by China, is somehow a good thing.

But let’s stay with the idea that we are not only letting in potential terrorists—but we are celebrating it.

I’m certainly not—and I am guessing you aren’t either. Still, these imbeciles who think “coexist” will work long term and that America owes the world everything it has in pursuit of economic justice or environmental justice or some other mental illness-defined justice think the world should have no borders and that we will all sing and dance together as one.

Well, let me tell you about the young people from all over the world who were singing and dancing together on the morning of October 7 at a music festival in Israel. They now know better—well, the ones who survived.

And who is ultimately responsible for selling out America? Well, the list is pretty long: the politicians, the staffers, the backroom dealers, the multi-national double-crossers, and a host of others. They don’t care—neither do Mayorkas or Wray. They remain silent when asked about terrorists freely entering our nation and illegals overwhelming our borders.

But I don’t want you to worry—because the people in Washington and Beijing have heard us cry out, and they are ready to help. As I said, there will be justice as long as you don’t mind environmental justice, social justice, or whatever else they come up with.