Two Michigan lawmakers, U.S. Reps. Debbie Dingell and Hillary Scholten, were trapped briefly on Wednesday with other lawmakers inside of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) building on Capitol Hill when a pro-Palestinian protest got out of hand and clashed with police.

Dingell, a representative out of Ann Arbor, tried to leave the building but protesters were blocking the exits. She and other lawmakers were trapped for about an hour and watched as a medic treated a young female police officer who had been pepper sprayed. Six officers were reportedly treated for injuries.

Dingell told the Detroit News, “This rattled me more than January 6th (attack). I was scared. Someone is going to get hurt at one of these things. They can get out of control.”

This is a result of Democrats reaping what they sow. Over the years, they have been fine with their constituents participating in riots like the entire summer of 2020 when Black Lives Matter rioted, vandalized, committed arson and murder.

The Democrats supported everything that went on in the name of George Floyd. And Trump-haters like U.S. California Rep. Maxine Waters supported Democrats getting in the faces of Trump supporters, Republican lawmakers, Supreme Court justices and others with their Trump Derangement Syndrom.

Organizers of the pro-Palestinian protest at the DNC claim that almost 100 demonstrators (rioters) were injured and blamed police for “violently” shutting down their peaceful vigil.

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Scholten (D-Grand Rapids) said the protest was not “peaceful.” She said in a statement, “We have witnessed countless nonviolent gatherings in Washington and across the globe this week and over the past month since the Israel-Hamas war began. Peace is possible. I condemn violence in all forms and urge my fellow Americans to use their voices, but not violence, when working for the change we want to see in the world.”

The pro-Palestinian rioters also claimed that they wanted to talk, pray and sing with their elected officials but were not given the chance. They say they weren’t blocking entrances, but were instead making a path for them to come and go. Their actions were illegal according to the U.S. Capitol Police. They said in statement, “We have handled hundreds of peaceful protests, but last night’s group was not peaceful. The crowd failed to obey our lawful orders to move back from the DNC.” They went on to say that the rioters did things like pepper spraying the police and moving dumpsters in front of exits which caused the police to pull people off buildings and push them back in order to safely evacuate members and staff from the DNC building.

Videos show that the swearing protesters were not very peaceful at all. Ruben Arthur Camacho of New York was arrested for assault of a police officer after an officer witnessed him “slam another officer into a garage door and then punch the female officer in the face,” police said in the statement. They want on to say, “Last night our team was quick, decisive, courageous and in control. When demonstrations cross the line into illegal activity it is our responsibility to maintain order and ensure people’s safety.”

What the police didn’t do though was make any mass arrests even though the pro-Palestinian rioters were all acting unlawfully. Only ONE person was arrested. ONE.

But that’s no surprise. Neither is the fact that even when leftists ARE arrested, they not be treated in court anything like those who were connected to January 6th because they are not MAGA supporters.