While you thought the GOP was in trouble, it is actually the Democrats who are facing an internal religious war that is certain to tear the Party apart after more anti-Semitic comments from outspoken Democrats were shouted down not by Republicans, but by fellow Democrats.

Yeah, this war in Gaza is exposing the weakness and fraudulent nature of identity politics in general. When you paint too many people as victims, you are bound to run into a time bomb when two of those groups end up opposed to each other over something as explosive as religion and war.

Welcome to the Democrat Party 2023!

Over the weekend, Rashida Tlaib accused the Biden Administration of supporting genocide in Gaza, and Israel of committing war crimes for fighting back against the October 7 terrorist attacks that left an estimated 1,400 civilians dead. The number of casualties is estimated to be around 9,000, but it is very difficult to get reliable numbers from Hamas.

The response to Tlaib was swift, with Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel calling Tlaib out for her openly antisemitic remarks—or should I say, her latest antisemitic remarks.

And this declaration from Tlaib has Democrats caught in a pickle. Historically, they have enjoyed overwhelming support from Jewish voters and Muslim voters, too—but now they are actually losing both.
Here’s why:
Bernie Sanders refuses to condemn the antisemitic hate speech from Rashida Tlaib and actually plays dumb on a common chant she has been repeating that calls for the outright destruction of Israel. I have always told you that Democrats and Socialists are the most racist people I have ever met—but now they are caught in the middle.

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Republicans, on the other hand, appear to be standing for Israel’s right to exist and defend itself. The new Speaker of the House, Mike Johnson, guided a funding bill through to support the only Democracy in the Middle East—and he enjoyed the support of several Democrats as well.

But it seems it won’t be enough, and the fence riding will continue. That is a losing strategy because wishy-washy never works.

And this all leads to voters growing discontent with Joe. Even members of Congress are unhappy.
You see, Joe Biden is not equipped to handle this crisis, or any crisis for that matter. But this one is on course to destroy the party—and I’m serious. Like I said—Democrats are losing support from all sides right now.

Democratic Rep. Jayapal told Circle-Back-Jen on MSNBC that she is now, for the first time, worried about Biden winning in 2024. Really? Now is the first time?

And when you start asking the American people what they think…well, like I said at the top, the New York Times shows Joe Biden losing every consequential swing state by wide margins to President Donald Trump—except Wisconsin—and the Badger State will soon dump the senile old man too.

Here are the numbers:
In Nevada, it’s Trump by 11
In Georgia, by 6
In Michigan and Arizona, Trump by 5
And in Pennsylvania, by 4

Joe Biden’s only consolation is Wisconsin—where he is leading by just two points.

And if you think changing horses might be the trick—well, Kamala Harris doesn’t fare any better, according to the New York Times.

Honestly, other states will fall into Donald Trump’s column in 2024 that have not been there before—including New Hampshire and Virginia.

Optimism is at an all-time low in the country, with less than a quarter of Americans thinking we’re on the right track.

And when it comes to bad numbers—that was just the beginning over the weekend.
And it’s not just the Jewish vote and Muslim vote that Democrats are losing—no, they are losing even bigger voting blocs they must have to hang on to anything.

The once reliable monopoly on the black vote is weakening for Democrats and is being mirrored by an exodus of Hispanic voters, too. In fact, diversity favors the GOP and Donald Trump bigly.

According to the NYT poll cited earlier, the more diverse the state was, the greater Trump’s lead. Just so we’re clear: the racist devil Donald Trump is winning swing states with the most minority votes, and “hush up, boy,” “you ain’t black” Joe Biden is winning the whitest state in the nation.