It really doesn’t matter what Iran does – whether they are developing nuclear bombs to kill us, kidnapping Americans or if they are behind mass murder and terrorism against Israel… President Disaster is always on the job, making sure that Iran gets all of the money that they need. Biden’s former boss, Barack Hussein Obama II, did the same kind of thing when he was president, sending them pallets of cash, making sure that they were financially comfortable.

There is always another million or two dollars – or a billion or two – or more – that is sitting around just waiting to be sent to Iran that the United States can help out with. To that end, the Biden administration has recently announced that they are extending a sanctions waiver that will allow Iraq to continue to buy electricity from Iran. According to the Associated Press, it also gives Iran limited access to the proceeds to buy humanitarian goods.

Yeah, right. We all know that Iran is VERY concerned about their humanitarian needs – and that is EXACTLY what the Iranians will be using the money for (wink wink).

Secretary of State Antony Blinken signed the new agreement, which will give Iran about $10 billion in Iraqi payments for Iranian electricity that is currently sitting in escrow accounts in Iraq. Baghdad will be able to purchase the electricity for 120 days without fearing any penalties for violating sanctions on Iran.

And the icing on the cake? According tot the AP, “It will also keep in place a provision – included in the last 120-day waiver – under which portions of the electricity proceeds can be transferred to accounts in Oman and then converted to euros or other widely traded currencies for Iran to buy non-sanctioned products.”

How nice for them. Blinken did something similar earlier in the year, freeing up $6 billion that South Korea had paid to Iran for oil imports in exchange for hostages.

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Terrorism and hostage-taking are very lucrative enterprises for Iran. And with the Democrat party willing to pay them for what they are doing, the Iranians will stay in the black for some time to come.