The poisoning of our minds with high-tech machines—which really are new-world mind-altering devices with tremendous power to change the way we see the world—is almost inescapable.

Those high-tech machines are, for the most part, smartphones—the magical supercomputers far too many people stare at and drool.

I mean, we have created a world where computers, more powerful than anything anyone could have imagined just a few years ago, are in the palms of people’s hands. We should be enlightened and joyous—but it seems on most days, we are just the opposite. Instead of soaking up knowledge, people are hiding in their echo chambers.

Despite the fact that we can communicate faster, easier, and farther, people talk less. They retreat into places that are intellectually sealed off from any interference.
Instead of being smarter, most people with smartphones have become less educated and less intelligent with each passing day.

Instead of pursuing knowledge, more and more people are bogged down with cognitive dissonance, groupthink, and the inability to do much critical thinking.

I have my core beliefs—and I am willing to discuss those with anyone and at any time. It doesn’t even have to be polite and cordial as long as it stops short of me getting punched. I do have my limitations on discourse.

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But the poison is seeping through our world and through far too many people’s brains, causing a corrosion that trickles from their brains to their hearts.  
I’m not the only one who sees this happening—but not many people will actually take the time to point it out and explain why this is happening.

You see, the poison is being pushed out through smartphones, smart TVs, and smart computers, and it isn’t challenged by smart-asses like myself nearly enough. One wise guy did step up and put his money where his mouth is.

Elon Musk bought Twitter and revealed the extent to which the content you consume daily was curated by those with an agenda. He compared it to state-run media on the scale of the Pravda. The niche San Francisco ideology that turned the West Coast into a third-world dump was getting exported 24/7, 365.

The poison crept into academia years ago; the America-hating hippies of the 1960s found out that teaching took a lot less talent than actually working and producing things, so they taught about a whole host of things they knew little or nothing about and convinced younger kids that they knew better than the old white guys that built America. Who, by the way, were not old at all when the nation was formed.

The move to poison minds began right out in the open under the disguise of TV news. The catastrophic climate change alarm bells have been ringing since the 1980s back on NBC. I guess the good news is that they’ve always been dumb.

That made the poison mainstream before it started appearing more and more often in our classrooms.

The coordinated poisoning of minds, young and old, came of age during the last two election cycles when more and more people proved they had been conned by the idea that socialism was a superior form of government. Then, they sent people with a frog’s IQ to serve in Washington.

The poison contaminates us under the following headings:

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok
Israel v Terrorists
Socialism v Capitalism
Anti-American rhetoric
Victim mentality
Destruction of Free Speech
The Race Card

And I could go on—we’d better lance the boil, my friends, or the poison is going to kill the patient—and that patient, of course, is The United States of America!