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Canada is Euthanizing Drug Addicts

No, the Canadian government isn’t going out to find drug addicts to euthanize. At least not yet. But they have no problem letting drug addicts sign up to get euthanized. According to the Daily Mail [1], Canada is set to legalize euthanasia for people addicted to drugs next year.

And how does one sign up for such a thing? By going on the internet and downloading a form to fill out. Easy-peasy!

The applicant answers some questions, signs the form in front of witnesses, then they get a phone call and a home visit from a doctor or two. The applicant only has to wait 90 days from the time of application before a doc can administer the lethal drug via injection.

And if you’re a Canadian drug addict, you don’t have to have any other debilitating, chronic or fatal conditions in order to get the fatal shot.

Opponents are calling the whole thing “eugenics” but it sounds more like murder to me when you allow mental health patients, including those with substance abuse issues (but with no other physical ailments) to seek assisted suicide. Also included are people who are depressed and have personality disorders.

In 2021, about 10K Canadians were euthanized in what was a tenfold increase over 2016 when the practice was legalized. Some have even been euthanized due to being poor [2].

I can understand if someone has a fatal and painful illness wanting to apply for assisted suicide but for a county to allow people to do so for anything else is beyond distasteful. it’s heinous.