The woke “defund the police” movement and no cash bail policies of the Democrats are not going over well with the American public. Shocker, right? Not really.

According to the Daily Mail, “a large and fast-growing number of Americans say they don’t feel safe in their own neighborhoods, and that the justice system is not doing enough to lock up criminals” a new poll shows.

It only took three years to have the number of adults who say that the criminal justice system is too soft on criminals to shoot up by 17 percentage points, from 41-percent in 2020 to 58-percent in this week’s Galup survey.

The poll also shows that almost two-thirds of the respondents say that the country’s crime problem was “extremely” or “very serious” and more than 3/4 said the lawbreaking scourge is getting worse.

People want to see more, not less, cops on the streets – and not sitting in anti-bias training workshops that tell them they are all racist.

Gallup said about the report, “Americans have consistently lacked confidence in the US criminal justice system, and once again, a majority views it as not tough enough. Most US adults think the criminal justice system should focus on strengthening law enforcement rather than reducing bias against minorities.”

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In Washington DC, Mayor Muriel Bowser declared a public emergency this week because of the number of carjackings, robberies and homicides. In Chicago, the shootings and crime rates never seem to be on the decline. NYC sucks too.

If you look about you, most of the Democratic-run cities have gone straight to Hell with their criminal-embracing policies. Thugs with rap sheets a mile long go in and out of the revolving door of the criminal injustice system, free to offend over and over again, usually with their offenses getting worse and worse.

Are politicians paying attention yet? Some art, but most Democrats aren’t. Usually it’s just lip service with a little bit more of increased police funding or telling people that they care. But they don’t. If they cared, policies would change, criminals would be in jail and the streets would be safer.