When Republicans interfere with Democrat corruption and election fraud, they are thrown in jail, but when a Democrat actually tries to subvert democracy, it’s okie dokie.

Democrats can object to presidential elections all they want when they lose – but they don’t get indicted for doing so by their political enemies.

Loser Hillary Clinton can call Trump an “illegitimate president.”

Leftists can occupy the Wisconsin state capitol building with no repercussions. Leftist allies Antifa and Black Lives Matter can riot throughout the country to help the Democrats’ political agenda and face little consequences. Democrats can illegally change election laws to rig a presidential election and nothing is done.

And what about the protests in front of the homes of conservative Supreme Court justices? Subverting democracy by interfering with a constitutional branch of government seems like a pretty big deal. But it was allowed.

What about subverting democracy by indicting a political enemy with 91 charges and going after him in four criminal cases, trying to block him from being on election ballots, trying to gag him during an election campaign and destroy his personal wealth? That’s allowed because it’s Trump. Due process and constitutional rights are thrown out the window.

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What about censoring the American people and politicians to hide information that could damage the Democrat party? No problem. It was done to “save democracy,” they say.

What about purposely allowing an invasion of the country by allowing massive amounts of unvetted foreigners into the country? That’s pretty high up on the list of democracy subversion among other things.

There has been, and is, currently, plenty of political corruption and democracy subversion going on by the Democrat party – most of it funded by taxpayer dollars and a lot of it by the Democrats’ use of our own government – the IRS, the FBI, the DOJ, Homeland Insecurity, Border Patrol, etc.

The subversion of Democracy by the Democrat party is in the news everyday. It’s not even hidden anymore. It’s allowed. And it continues mostly unchecked…

In that same vein, on Saturday, Democrat Rep. Jamaal Bowman (D-NY) pulled a fire alarm to allegedly delay the government shutdown vote – and his leftist friends came to his aid when he said he did it because he couldn’t get through a door in able to vote. It’s no big deal to them. They have his back.

But the Republicans don’t. Republican Speaker Kevin McCarthy compared what Bowman did to January 6th by saying, “When you think about how other people were treated when they come in and wanted to change the course of what was happening in the building…This should not go without punishment…I’m gonna have a discussion with the Democratic leader about it. But this should not go without punishment. This is an embarrassment… You’re elected to be a member of Congress. You pulled a fire alarm in a minute of hours before the government being shut down? Trying to dictate the government would shut down? What’s going through a person’s mind like that? But we will find the right ability to deal with this.”

McCarthy has asked the House Ethics Committee to investigate the matter. Other Republicans are calling for Bowman’s expulsion.

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Green (R-GA) want Bowman to face the same charges as the Jan. 6th defendants for interfering with an official proceeding. Seems fair.

But Democrats are not about fairness or facts. They are democracy subverion-ists. At their very core, that is what they do and that is who they are.