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Dear Palestinian Supporters…

I hate to point out the obvious to all of the Israel-hating, anti-Semitic, pro- Palestinian folks out there who are justifying the terrorist attack in Israel. Here are some FACTS for you…

The innocent women, children, elderly, disabled, and babies that Hamas killed have NOT been occupying Gaza. Neither have the family dogs who walked up to the Hamas terrorists to say hello, wagging their tails – and then got shot in the head.

If you want to fight against the occupation of Gaza, then fight it – soldier vs. soldier. Or even at the ballot box. Or perhaps in an internal civil war to find better leaders to represent you.

But you have no justification to support a war between terrorists and innocents.

Your mantra is that Israel and the west can’t blame the Palestinians for what Hamas does (even though the Palestinians voted them into power – twice). If that is the metric, then the innocents who live in Israel can’t be blamed for anything that Prime Minister Netanyahu or the rest of the government does.

I know what I’m saying is based in fact and common sense (not a position you operate from) instead of emotion and hatred and a thirst for retribution of past wrongs.

A recent poll [1] conducted by Harvard CAPS Harris on Oct. 18th and 19th found that a majority of young adults think that the attacks by Hamas were “justified” by the grievance of Palestinians. That is sick that our youth has been brainwashed by anti-Semitic leftist professors and teachers in our schools and universities.

I used to wonder about how the Holocaust happened. I used to wonder how so many people were so evil and how they were able to commit so many atrocities because of their hate as the world stood by.

Now I know.