I have to admit that I find it a little amusing that there’s a battle going on between two groups that the Democrat politicians rely on for their climate change agenda, votes and getting donations to win elections.

In one corner of the ring is the UAW (United Auto Workers), a group that already makes way too much money but nevertheless is asking for a 40% pay raise, a shorter work week and many other insane demands.

Democratic Governor Gretchen Whitmer, President Biden and their Democrat friends want to keep the union workers happy in order to continue to get their votes and their money. In fact, Whitmer and her merry band of Democrats were able to repeal Michigan’s Right to Work legislation in March to help out their union buddies and Democratic legislators introduced legislation so that unions can make political donations to Democrats much easier by having the money deducted right from their paychecks. The donations from their union buddies is something that the Democrats have always depended on.

But the UAW isn’t too keen on Biden’s push for electric cars as it requires fewer workers – and the batteries can be made at non-union factories. So they’re trying to lock in some things in their contract while they can, during a time when their future is an unknown.

In the other corner of the ring are the automakers who have been strong-armed and bribed in order to make EVs that nobody wants. GM, Ford and Stellantis don’t really operate in any kind of free-market system. They are caught between having to give the unions what they want and having to do what the state and federal governments demand. But don’t feel too sorry for them because they get taxpayer money for their troubles.

UAW President Shawn Fain has been adamant about what he wants from the automakers for his approximate 150,000 union members, throwing previous offers in the trash and speaking openly about how he feels about the offers from the Big 3 automakers. Before the strike, he had said, “We are preparing to strike these companies in a way they’ve never seen before.”

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Both Whitmer and Biden have come out supporting the unions. Guess they think they need their money and votes right now more than they need to keep the automakers happy. After all, the automakers are ALREADY building the EVs so they are pretty much a controlled entity at the moment.

And where is the “transportation czar” Petey Buttigieg in all of this? AWOL as usual. Type in “UAW Buttigieg” on Google and you’ll pretty much find nothing. However, you will find that, in addition to fighting climate change and racist highways, he’s busy hiding the cost of his 18 trips on government jets and looking around for EV chargers.

If the UAW gets that they want, American consumers, as usual, will be the ones who will pay in the end with higher car prices because the automakers will be paying the UAW members bazillions of dollars for working less and producing vehicles that no one wants.

Michigan Democrats and others around the country are expectedly nervous about the whole situation, worried that their climate change agenda will go off the tracks. But what they don’t know is that it already has. With limited charging stations across the country and $60K EVs that people can’t afford, their fantasy of a quick electrified country is finally meeting up with reality.

So who do I want to win this fight? None of them really. Even if the UAW puts a dent in the automaker’s profits, Biden will just give them more money while he’s in office.

Both sides are helping to destroy the country while they vote for and support Democrat policies. They are all complicit in electing Democrats and trying to force us into electric cars. If this strike can stop those things, I say bring it on – and let it last for a long, long time.