No one believes that President Biden is anything more than a figurehead for the previous Obama administration. That’s why he can so easily act like an inept and corrupt idiot and not be called to the carpet by his Democrat friends or the media. They know he’s not in charge. They don’t care if he’s incoherent or if he stays in Delaware all weekend. That’s actually a GOOD thing, they think, to have him far away from the White House and the press.

Just like during his presidential campaign, Biden operates from the basement – or the bathroom or the hallway. And so does his staff apparently. The “White House” was all set to send two officials to show up at the UAW negotiations but after they found out that they were unwanted (and realized they’d look like idiots by not being able to negotiate a deal), they pulled out and now are reported to be monitoring the strike “remotely.”

This came after UAW president Shawn Fain said that Biden’s team had no active role in the negotiations and doesn’t see a role for them to broker an agreement.

So the “White House” is already throwing in the towel now that they’ve realized that they’ve created a monster with their green energy anti-fossil fuel agenda in a lose-lose situation between the unions (whose money and votes they need) and their automaker friends who they are bribing and strong- arming into producing electric vehicles (EVs).

With both sides involved in destroying America as I previously wrote about, it’s probably better for the Biden Obama folks to stay away from the whole thing.

Federal government people are actually good at staying away from things – or at least from staying away from their offices.

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But contrary to GOP lawmakers’ concerns about federal workers working remotely, federal HR officials say that agencies monitor employees’ productivity while working remotely. Yeah, sure they do. The only ones who they might actually monitor are Republicans and Trump supporters who somehow slipped through the federal government hiring process.

Yes, the government working (actually NOT working) remotely is still a thing. Once they started, they don’t want to give it up more than anyone else in the business world does. Who wouldn’t want to spend all day playing with your dog, eating lunch and sipping wine for a few hours out on your back deck while sitting next to your laptop while ignoring the work and emails that continue to ding-ding- ding on the computer and iPhone.

The Biden administration doesn’t care if remote work leads to a backlog of work for federal workers and constituents not being able to receive services. They are not there to be a functional government. They are there to promote DEI and climate change policies. Anyone who believes otherwise has not been paying attention. It’s PERFECTLY FINE to have Homeland Security staffers, people in NASA and the Nuclear Regulatory Commission working from home on insecure networks and cell phones. Nothing to see here, folks. Other than the Chinese buying up American land and installing fake “companies” so they can intercept communications. But other than that…. Things are just fine.