How many times have we heard about an awful awful story that portrays a person, or an entire community or political party, as corrupt or evil? This has been done oodles of times in Democrat circles – only to have us find out later that their story was a total fraud. Kind of like the targeting of Nick Sandman or the multiple fake stories about President Donald Trump when he was president.

Such is the case with a Florida University professor, Eric Stewart, whose work, according to The Federalist, was “foundational to perpetuating the false narrative that there is widespread ‘systemic racism’ infecting American society.” Only his work was a fraud and he’s been fired for falsifying data in his academic research on the subject.

FSU Provost James Clark wrote in a letter notifying Stewart of his termination, “I do not see how you can teach our students to be ethical researchers or how the results of future research projects conducted by you could be deemed as trustworthy.”

But that’s just how things are with leftists. Truth doesn’t matter. Ethics don’t matter. Power and prestige matters – and being on the “right” side of the moment matters. And pushing a political agenda matters. And money DEFINITELY matters. In this case, there was a LOT of money – with Stewart receiving a $190K salary and millions in research grants.

All six studies that Stewart published in academic journals have been retracted including a study about how lynchings made whites, especially conservatives, perceive blacks as criminals. He had also said disparities in criminal sentences were racially motivated.

Stewart, of course, is claiming to be a “victim” after being caught for being a fraud and even went after a former grad student (the one who reported him). Stewart, who is Black, said that by raising concerns about his research, the student had essentially “lynched” him and his academic character.

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Stewart’s falsified research is significant says Wilfred Reilly an associate professor at Kentucky State University, who says that Stewart is probably the academic figure responsible for the narrative that “systemic racism” plagues U.S. police departments throughout the country.

While most of us have inherently known that police departments, and the public in general, is not systemically racist, the Democrat party and their supporters grabbed onto (and still reinforce) that narrative – and will continue to do so regardless of any truthfulness to their beliefs.